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  1. Rob

    B8200 steering box problems.

    and whats the spring for?
  2. Rob

    B8200 steering box problems.

    Many thanks for the reply and the PM. To be honest, i'm struggling to see why it is such a complicated joint , it doesn't swivel, or if it does its only a fraction and why it uses the double pin arrangement , i expect there is a very straightforward answer but its illuding me at the moment. Many...
  3. Rob

    B8200 steering box problems.

    Hi all. Whilst dealing with a severe case of rodent damage to my B8200's wiring loom I had to remove the dash panel, which wasn't going to be just a case of removing the steering wheel . First off the steering wheel was seized solid to the shaft and no amount of Penetrating Fluid, pulling with a...
  4. Rob

    B2150 engine transplant into B8200.

    Hi all. Ive been offline for some time due to other life events but still messing around with Kubota's, now have more time to get back with project and tractor things. just wondering weather a b2150 engine will retro transplant into a b8200. any thoughts. rob
  5. Rob

    B8200 Manual gearbox clutch replacement.

    Many thanks for the reply, really appreciated it. All split now and I require a new friction plate, which is a problem as there are no stocks in the Uk, pressure plate and release bearing, yes, but no friction..... Things are never straightforward.
  6. Rob

    B8200 Manual gearbox clutch replacement.

    Hi all, It has been a long time since I was last on the forum, sadly life events etc have made things a bit more of a challenge for the last few years but things are on the up now so all is good. Anyway, I still have the orange kit, L225 and B8200 and they just keep on going, well until today...
  7. Rob

    how are you all doing guys.

    Evening Geoff , it is allways nice to see another fellow uk orange owner , not many on here now, but then there weren't that many when I joined some years back in 2009. Its a great place with lots of good helpful advise etc... I used be on here a lot then work took over even more and I just...
  8. Rob

    how are you all doing guys.

    Well its been a fair while since my last visit and that was only a brief one, so seems like a good time to see how you are all getting on , hopefully you're all well with lots of project on the go as well. I've been pretty well overworked for quite some time so not been on here or doing much in...
  9. Rob

    L225 rear axle halfshaft removal questions.

    thanks for the reply , just had a good read through your thread but after having another look at my L225 back axle , it is different to yours. the axle shaft comes directly out of the casing and mounts directly onto wheel, the brake assembly is also mounted directly infront of the axle shaft in...
  10. Rob

    L225 rear axle halfshaft removal questions.

    Good evening all, I hope you're all well etc , I've not been around on the forum for a while due to way too much work etc and not really having any issues with my great old orange beast's, anway I do have a small problem now and could really use some help if possible. Now then, my trusty old...
  11. Rob

    Pictures of a B6000 loader subframe

    On my old b6000 i fabricated this subframe to be used with a genuine kubota loader, it worked well and was more than upto the job of a subframe, also came apart into smaller section to make it a bit more user freindly to fit and work with. key things with subframes is to remember that they need...
  12. Rob

    I've solved the anti-clock pto issue on my B6000,part 2, there a few issues!!!!

    Anyone else tried this conversion, if so any issues to be noted for future reference to possible owners wanting to perform similar modification. rob
  13. Rob

    Pictures of a B6000 loader subframe

    I have messed about with numerous loaders etc for b6000/b7100/b8200 etc and the subframes do tend to be specific to the loader and a specific brand. not many loaders will just retro fit onto another subframe of a differing brand. I have many pics of many different setups , from kubota , lewis...
  14. Rob

    My Second Kubota, RTV-X1100C

    now that's something I could really put to good use at the moment, I like it lots.
  15. Rob

    best welding method for wheel repair.

    well guys , almost 18 months have passed since my wheel fix and I can report that my repairs have been 100% successful. I've done some pretty heavy duty work on the l225 since the repairs and a run up a lot of hours on them and they are as good as new still, no signs of fatigue or stress on the...
  16. Rob

    For you Duc riders 1981500sl

    hey guys, hows things on OTT ,not been on here for a while as to busy with work and life in general. Anyway just saw this , looks nice, I rather fancy something different from my other ducs.
  17. Rob

    B219 loader from b6100 manual tranny fit b7100 hst

    just to throw a spanner in the works here, sorry but i have tried this combo over here in the uk on our euro spec hst 7100's machines and it wont fit without modification full stop. will go onto manual spec 7100,s ok, but not hst, and from my knowledge us spec machines are the same at basic...
  18. Rob

    Why would you need a back-hoe for typical non-comercial owner.

    I have a b8200 , picked up a backhoe for it cheap and rebuilt it , wouldnt be without it now. in the past i've allways hired excavator kit, allways cost a fair bit and could never hire it when i wanted it. not a problem now and it gets used very regulary allround the place for cleaning ditches...
  19. Rob

    More about the B6000

    if you are really lucky you may have one of the few with the mid-PTO output, really handy for use with the MMM option on the B6000. great little beasts.
  20. Rob

    Honda riders

    It's allways wise to get any recall stuff done asap , recalls dont allways affect all owners of bikes concerned but its free and safety allways comes first guys. had a few recalls on some of my previous bikes but problems never afflicted my bikes, but did alot of others. My dukes have never had...