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  1. Pepsirich

    Trench digger

    How deep will it bury the lines? I need to do a 100 ft stretch and my hand 12 HP trencher is getting to be a bear for this old man
  2. Pepsirich

    Retired my 5 gallon fuel cans

    Great idea. I also got tired of the cans and bougt a $30 pump and fill it straight from my F250 Diesel tank. Georgia is only $18 a year 'plate" fee for trailers even through you dont get a new plate. At $100-$200 a trailer I would be getting rid of most of my collection. I have 4 different...
  3. Pepsirich

    Need a Hood for L3200

    Pushing brush and tree tops into a pile and one large stick grabbed the right side of the hood and pushed it back about 18 inches. Took it to 2 body shops and they said with the reconstuction needed it would be close to a grand. Plus I need headlight and grill after they do the body work. I...