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  1. AKguy09

    Quick Hitch

    I will have to say that Pats is the one I chose for the same reason as ^^^^^^^above most versatile in my opinion
  2. AKguy09

    L or LX

    For what you are describing "yes"....weight matters
  3. AKguy09

    Who's trading for a LX 20 series?

    I chose the LX3310 to save money
  4. AKguy09

    Looking For Advice On Addons For My New Tractor.

    Edge Tamers for your bucket, if you're worried about tearing up your driveway clearing snow.
  5. AKguy09

    Who's trading for a LX 20 series?

    I don't get all the Hype about LED headlights, the are useless when the bucket is even slightly lifted....and totally useless when clearing snow.
  6. AKguy09

    Brush Cutter Wheel digs into soil

    Can you get some closer/better pictures? Have you tried spinning the wheel bu hand?
  7. AKguy09

    Quicktach plate-mounted "scratcher" to clean up gravel ribbon driveway

    A very pretty driveway, but very difficult to maintain....Not sure what to tell you on that one
  8. AKguy09


    Are you in Low or MED range when doing it? I use lOW for Loader work
  9. AKguy09

    How far do you travel on your tractor?

    Please, if you are driving a piece of Farm or ranch equipment, "own the lane" the most dangerous thing you can do is straddle the shoulder and the lane. If you are in the lane then vehicles have to slow and pass you correctly
  10. AKguy09

    2013 Kubota BX1870 Tractor 304 hours, very clean $13500.

    I would say, not nearly new, almost 10 years old, just low hours. I have seen people destroy tractors with low hours. I'd need to see pictures. 10 years outside in the southwest united states would make the paint faded and appearance would be terrible, even if mechanically fine
  11. AKguy09

    BX2380 G3> Seat Questions. Should I upgrade?

    The deluxe seat would be weight adjustable....
  12. AKguy09

    Does a 3PH-Mounted Tank (no sprayer) Exist?

    ^^^thats a sprayer....not just a plain tank exactly what the OP did not want....and$420 for 26 gallons is crazy
  13. AKguy09

    LX Cab Tractor

    Let Me Google That For You / LMGTFY :)
  14. AKguy09

    Damaged SSQA plate, good lesson learned

    I watched that guy, he was in such a hurry to "try" his new tractor out, that he let common sense wander away
  15. AKguy09

    Forestry winch too big for LX2610?

    PTO power the LX2610 is alot short of that
  16. AKguy09

    2502 (later turbo) vs 3902

    I would say less Powerful, but not less capable, its a more industrial version...3 PT lift capacity on the B26 is more than the L2502...
  17. AKguy09

    LA535 loader availability

    The LX2610 an LX3310 are exactly the same fame and loader...the only difference is the engine, Kubota doesnt make 3310 Loaders and 2610 loaders, they just make 535 loaders
  18. AKguy09

    LA535 loader availability

    The 535 Loader comes on the LX2610 which is not being discontinued so i doubt Kubota will discontinue that loader
  19. AKguy09

    B2650 Roof

    Looked on Messicks site, the roof is like $599, not sure if thats quite cheap, but...
  20. AKguy09

    Block heater ?

    A block heater can fail if started depending on the type of block heater, my little BX tractor had in-line circulation type heater. Most if not all of those are not supposed to have the engine started while plugged in and circulating. The standard heating element type block heater should be...