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    Accidently left parking brake on BX23

    I’ve left mine on plenty when I first got my L3800. Which was about the time this thread was started. Lots of names at the beginning of this thread that were once regulars, I had forgotten about a lot of them. Actually, it reminded me of a thread I started years ago, what’s average age of OTT...
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    2014 Jeep rear bushing swap (a pictorial guide on how to abuse your socket collection)

    I know that feeling all too well. Just a couple months ago I stopped by to see my daughter at work. She said, can you take a look at my brakes, I think they need replaced. I jumped in her car to take a spin around the block to assess the situation and didn’t make it out of the parking lot. Went...
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    2014 Jeep rear bushing swap (a pictorial guide on how to abuse your socket collection)

    Nice work. I’ve used the bearings in the freezer trick on my Yamaha FJR for the steering stem bearings. Worked like a charm. On a side note, does your daughters jeep have the “tick”. My wife bought a 14 jeep wrangler as a second vehicle and it’s developed the freaking lifter tick. Guess I’ll be...
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    Truckers, stay off the phone

    It’s illegal in Illinois to operate your phone in a vehicle. That should be enough to stop people from doing it, right? All kidding aside, as a person with a CDL and motorcycle endorsement. I can attest that distracted driving is a huge issue. Although, I’m not a big fan of the nanny state I...
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    Maybe it's just member posts asking questions

    I stripped the stupid lug nut covers on my f150 a couple days ago. Ran up to the local Napa to try and find replacement lug nuts without the stupid caps. Gentlemen asked what I needed. I told him lug-nuts for a 2017 Ford F150. He asked, what size wheel, black/chrome/aluminum wheels? I laughed to...
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    Tires tearing up the lawn, go wider?

    I have R4s on mine and use it every week with a finish mower. They seem to do little damage as long I run in 2wheel drive and not take to sharp of turns.
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    Happy 4th

    Would you have been a loyalist or a patriot? Happy Independence Day.
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    Attempting to maintain a field

    Hey Eric, just my two cents here but I don’t think it looks that bad for being so over grow for so long. I would just keep mowing it, you may find that some of the better grasses and flowers come back when not being crowded out by the weeds. That’s not necessarily going to smooth it out but one...
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    Incline safety

    I felt a little uneasy on slopes when I first got my Kubota. After having an older Tractor that was 7 ft wide my L3800 felt like it was going to tip over often, but I got used to it. Lots of good advice here, read up and be safe out there.
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    Save a tree

    It’s a very large tree and don’t won’t to lose it, so I’ll be contacting an arborist. I thought it might be seasonal but with the number of leaves that have died and fallen off I started thinking something was wrong with it. appreciate the responses.
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    Save a tree

    lol. Not sure. It looks like this on my window. And you can see some of the leaves on the ground.
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    Save a tree

    So I’ve had this what seems to be sap all over my truck and anything else that I park near a very large oak tree in our yard, well it’s mostly on our property. Been parking in the same spot for a number of years and never had this problem. After a google search it appears to be “honey dew” from...
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    Roll Call

    Yes sir.
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    So glad to be here and not the Facebook Group "Kubota Compact Tractors & Equipment"

    I said nothing about being offended and I’m fully aware how a forum works, and stand by my statement. I tend to not get into with folks on forums as I don’t think it really leads anywhere productive. Plus, opinions typed don’t come across the same way it would if we were talking face to face...
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    So glad to be here and not the Facebook Group "Kubota Compact Tractors & Equipment"

    Never been on Facebook, one of the few my age. Lol This is one of the best forums I’ve ever been a part of and honestly it was even better prior to the off topic section being added. That’s being said, If you have questions and your Kubota, I can’t imagine there’s a better place to get the...
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    Easier way of pulling down ROPS for storage

    Same thoughts as wolf man Make a socket that fits the bolt, and use an impact! Raise the door height! I got lucky and figured out if I disconnected the garage door opener the door would open enough for mine to fit.
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    Replace fuel injectors on L3800?

    Thank you. Already have it ordered.
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    Replace fuel injectors on L3800?

    So it looks like i managed to break the fuel overflow pipe that sits on top of the injectors. Just curious if there is any need to go ahead and replace the injectors while I have it apart? She ran fine prior to this issue and has about 1000 hours on her. Did a search and didn’t find a direct...
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    The Lottery - Anyone hit it?

    A friend of mine won $47,000, take home, on a queen of hearts drawing last week. A few years ago my wives card was drawn at another large($1.25 million) queen of hearts drawing. She changed her number and didn’t win. The next week the guy used her original number and won it. So if she hadn’t...