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    For Sale- Bush Hog 4ft.

    King Kutter brand bush hog. 4ft with stump jumper. Very good condition. Located in Tupelo, MS. Would consider meeting for a mileage fee. $495.
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    Tire Pressure question

    I have a Kubota L2500 with turf tires all the way around. I have looked on the rear tires, but they don't say how much pressure they hold. Does anyone have any idea? They are Firestone Turf & Field 13.6-16. Thanks.
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    For Sale- L2500 4x4

    1999 Kubota L2500 4x4. 8 speed transmission, 27 hp diesel. Only 534 Original hours. Everything works. All lights work, gauges, even the backlighting inside the gauges. Cat 1 three point hitch. Located in Tupelo, MS. Cash only. $5850
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    Kubota vs. Mahindra

    I agree that most compact tractors are probably comparable in service and quality, but I still think Kubota's quality is superior to any other brand, even if only slightly so. I would pay more money for a Kubota just because it's a Kubota. This is coming from a guy who was raised on John Deere...
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    Tyres for B6100 or B7100 4x4 with grip

    The tires look really good. I'm wondering if you couldn't find some Kenda tires for the rear that have the same tread. Ag tires seem to be available for the rear of these tractors.
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    Question on bleeding fuel lines

    I have a 1994 B7100 and I changed the fuel filter today. Obviously, I got air in the line so I began the bleeding process. I loosened the two bleeding screws per the manual followed by the one single bleeding valve on the injector pump. I turned the engine over and it squirted fuel all over. I...
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    Question about painting/restoring

    I have a B7100 that I'm thinking of repainting, new decals, etc. I have done painting and such on different things before, but never on a tractor. Painting the hood and fenders (all the orange stuff) is no problem. My question is this: Once you get the orange stuff off the tractor, how do you...
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    Need a "Restoration" section

    I'd love to see a section of the forum devoted to restorations. It would be great to see some before/after pics and follow the restoration process with the owners. Plus it would be a great way to get helpful hints for those of us contemplating restoring an older Kubota. I think topics like this...
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    FOR SALE- B7100HST 4x4

    Reduced to $3500.
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    B7100 Grill

    Grill for B7100. I'm not sure what year model it came off of. $100 shipped in U.S. - payable through Paypal
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    FOR SALE- B7100HST 4x4

    Uploaded better pictures. See first post above.
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    Why does this happen on a long weekend?

    I SWEAR i thought stuff like that only happened to ME! :p
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    B6100 value

    In my opinion the price seems a little high for a tractor with that many hours. Having said that, I see B6100's go for that much around here, and many times closer to around $4k. However, I personally wouldn't buy a tractor with 2200 hours. That's just too much time for me. Just a personal...
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    Paint question

    jcato, Of course you knew this question was coming............Is that the old pale Orange Enamel color or the new Bright Orange II?
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    Paint question

    That's what I needed to know. The two B7100's that I currently own are '93 and '94 models. Thanks. Oh yea, the '94 is "for sale" by the way. :D
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    Paint question

    Am I correct on the color of the newer B7100's? Are they Bright Orange II or are my eyes playing tricks on me?
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    Paint question

    I have read the article on Kubota paint about the early years of using Orange Enamel, and the later years of using Bright Orange II. My question is that when speaking of Orange Enamel he says "think...............B7100". Well I've had a number of B7100's, a B5100, and a B6100. The 5100, 6100...
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    FOR SALE- B7100HST 4x4

    reduced to $3900
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    Woods 72" finish mower

    Woods RM660 72” finish mower. Very good condition. New belt. Driveshaft included. Located in Tupelo, MS. $800. Would consider meeting for delivery for a mileage fee. email
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    FOR SALE- B7100HST 4x4

    Kubota B7100 HST 4x4. 880 original hours. Very good condition. 3 cylinder diesel, hydrostat transmission with hi/lo range, selectable 2x4/4x4, 2 speed rear and mid PTO’s, Cat 1 three point hitch. Tractor is located in Tupelo, MS. $3500 Email if interested.