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    GF1800 PTO problems

    My appologies! I didn't know this created problems.
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    GF1800 PTO Problems

    Ok great thanks for the update.
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    GF 1800 motor stops when pto is engaged

    MrBigOne, did you ever figure out what the issue was? I'm having the same issue on my GF1800...
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    Motor stops when blades are engaged

    Hi Walker, did the brake switch replacement resolve the issue?
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    GF1800 PTO problems

    Did you ever get this fixed Steelgiant5?
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    GF1800 PTO Problems

    Did you ever get this fixed? What was the problem?
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    engine dies when PTO is engaged

    Matrix, did you ever figure out the problem?
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    GF1800E Mower Height Control

    Does anyone know if the GF1800E mower has a height control on the lift lever? Can you have the mower hold a mow deck height, say if you're mowing taller grass without the front mower wheels touching the ground? The manual does say you set the mow height by adjust the front wheel height, but...