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    Kubota Orange Paint

    A few years ago on this forum somebody suggested Rustoleum Chevrolet engine orange, I tried it and the match was spot on. Had trouble finding it but not since we got a Menards they have it all......
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    B3350 DPF Bypass

    I bought a used B-3350 2016' about 4 to 5 yrs. ago and I did like so many others and not checked it out , I mean it's a Kubota what could be wrong. I've owned their products for over 40 years .. Well a couple of months after getting it the problems started, I won't go into the details...
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    ZD21 smoke on start-up

    I've adjusted the brake on my ZD21, just followed the details in the manual, in fact I think I've adjusted it twice in the 18 years I've owned it. Without consulting the manual I couldn't tell you how to do it but I remember it being simple to do.
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    ZD21 Right Drive Motor Issue

    I don't want to be the bearer of bad news or a negative Nancy but just got my ZD21 out of the shop last Friday, I had similar problems the dealer advised he has done several of these and that Kubota has a drop in program for these where they replace the entire assembly and it adds an...
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    Retired my 5 gallon fuel cans

    Nice Job, trailers in Ky. only require licenses when they are towed by a Co. vehicle with the name on the truck, other than that they are free. About 40 years ago I came up with a 50 gal barrel and have fuel delivered. A few years ago I got a farm permit ( no taxes ) and my fuel man...
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    L3301 HST switch location???

    I don't know if yours will be in the same place as mine (B-3350 w/ cab ) but it is under the right side floor board maybe 4" to 6" back from the pedal pivot. You really can't miss it except that is is among a bunch of control rods , you can see it but hard to get tools in there to work on it.
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    B2650 won’t restart

    The foot pedal switch mentioned does go bad, I just had to replace it on my 3350 last summer ! Switch was like $80.00 and was it ever a bear to replace . I had the exact same symptoms you do only I would replace the fuse and it might start but as soon as I tried to move it it would blow...
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    lugbolt, Thanks for the info, I was going to change the oil and filters this weekend in fact I picked up the stuff at lunch. Then thought more about it and after reading what you posted it's going to be a waste of expensive oil and filter so I'm just going to load it up and take it...
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    When you said you replaced the PTO clutch, was that the clutch for the mower? If so I have to wonder how that affects the wheel drives.....
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    I already replaced the balancer , it might need more flux...... I have always only used super UDT 2 and Kubota filters. I am about 8 months late on changing the oil . I have noticed it seems better when it's not fully warmed up or when I am on fairly level ground. As for more...
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    My ZD-21 with 742 Hrs is having a problem with the right side drive , any ideas ?
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    L2501 - Hydraulic powered skid steer quick attach

    OK, I understand, do the ends droop where they are connected ? Or is it not enough to matter ?
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    L2501 - Hydraulic powered skid steer quick attach

    Repair, I appreciate the info but have a question , why did you go with a pin hole on the cylinder ends instead of clevis ends ? I would think they would work better .
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    B3200 Top & Tilt Cylinders?

    If you are referring to a top link cylinder I did that on my L-185 40 years ago and worked great, I have since moved it over to my B-3350 and would not trade it for the world. Especially when using a scraper box, I can adjust the teeth to dig as much or as little as required from the seat.
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    L2501 - Hydraulic powered skid steer quick attach

    I really like what you have come up with and want to do it to my B-3350 . Can you advise what the dimensions are on the cylinder and where you got it and the orifice's ?
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    front PTO for B6100

    I might have the spline adapter you are looking for. Before my B-3350 I had a L-185 and I installed a front spline adapter I got from my dealer to install a hydraulic pump. Well I have sold the tractor but kept some of the parts like that, so what diameter and how many splines do you need ...