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    Another B6100 loader build

    Cool. Can you open the hood with the loader down?
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    B 6100 Tractor, New FEL.

    The pto on my B6100 stops turning whenever I push in the clutch. That would be a major PIA when operating a loader
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    B6100 snow plow

    I mounted mine on a pivot and used the rod attached to the 3pt to raise the whole assy. I think the rod may have been used for a mid mount mower and it moved when you raised or lowered the 3pt
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    B6100 snow plow

    I have a B6100 with a 6' 3pt blade and it throws the tractor around pretty good in snow H
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    Farmers & Fertilizer

    Farmers in general do not have a lot of say as to how much they sell their product for. They can look at the price they are offered and decide to sell or not H
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    Ballast box question

    I chain my arms to take all the pressure off the system. Just peace of mind I guess H
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    In-ground Trampoline

    Tractor time with Tim is a youtuber and he has done one. Maybe do a search
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    I did a stupid thing

    I am cracking the line at the injector and yes it is squirting fuel. It is like there is an air bubble in the injector itself.
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    I did a stupid thing

    I ran my B6100 out of fuel. I kept bleeding injectors untill I got it running again but it was running rough. I figured that there was still air in one of the injectors so I worked it doing some loader work. Higher rpms it worked pretty good but when I got it back to the shop, it was idling...
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    B6100 front end loader hydraulics

    I would talk to a hydraulic shop about that. I know compression fittings work up to 1200psi but not sure about higher. I have used hydraulic compression fittings to make/repair power steering lines on cars but tractor hyd might be a different animal. I wold not trust copper at all. Just my...
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    B6100 front end loader hydraulics

    I built my own loader for my B6100 and Torch knows what he is talking about. My bucket is too far forward and even with 400lbs on the 3pt, I have to pay attention as to how much is in the bucket. Especially with gravel.. I built my own block for the hydraulics. It's not that hard to do. If you...
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    Drunken Friends

    Tee hee hee, Mama always told me that it was good to share
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    Car Alternator / battery problem

    W What I have done in the past is connect a taillight socket with an 1157 bulb in series between the negative terminal and cable with the positive connected. With everything off, if the bulb lights up you have a short. If the bulb stays off, you are good to go. There are many small draws when...
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    i remember when.....

    Don't Don't forget that it had to be done every spring and fall, and maybe a points adjustment in between just for good measure.
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    Two questions for the brain trust here.

    B6100 4x4. What kind of trouble am I asking for by spacing out my wheels? We are gardening in 30" beds and I would love to be able to have the tractor straddle these beds. #2-- has anyone "made" a coupler for the front of the crankshaft? I believe it is a 22 spline 19mm shaft. I was having a...
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    Electric power steering

    Thank you for the replies. One thing came to light when I read the yesterday's tractor thread. I am planning a loader for this tractor and putting that much more stress on the steering box so rethinking this. I am planning on putting an alternator on this as since I did the cam plug, I have a...
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    Electric power steering

    Just curious, has anyone put electric power steering on a B6100? H
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    Temporary improvised carry all

    Great idea. When did you get the snow? My daughter and son in law live not to far from you and they have very little. H
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    Front end loader B6100

    Lil foot. I appreciate that picture as I am just starting to build the subframe. I decided to go with 2x4x1/8 tubing for the loader arms. Pictures coming soon----I hope H
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    B6100 Hydraulics

    I want to install an auxiliary hyd valve to operate a loader. I have the block in the hyd line coming off the pump. In that block is a threaded port on the back side. My question is, does this tractor have a closed centre or open centre hydraulic system. I have seen blocks with two ports on them...