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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Indeed! gurn asked the right question, at the right time.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    6 1/2 hours on the tractor working the box scraper. An hour or removing sod for the new gravel drive that my neighbor is making at his campground. Then the old camp spots' gravel and driveways scraped up into small piles that he used his skid-steer to pile into those big mounds. Now that gravel...
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    Bottom of my bucket has no paint

    I have a boxblade so don't need to back blade very much with my loader especially for jobs like yours. The ground engaging surfaces of the box blade and its ripper teeth and my loader bucket scraper edge have been shiny bare metal since their first few seasons. And yes, if they get damp or wet...
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    Firewood Lifting Capacity on BX

    My B2650 forks can handle 1/3 cord green tamarack (western larch) per pallet rack I cobbled together with free wood pallets.
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    Mounting new LED lights on B2650HSD

    A update to add: I tried adding one cube to the rear marker lamp circuit by touching its leads to the tail light's power leads and it lit up fine. so there's no problem it seems powering the new LED cube from there. 1A each isn't a lot to add. So adding the idea to the mix of maybe having the...
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    Mounting new LED lights on B2650HSD

    So 150lb pull force, I'll look around, thx for the ref! I'll need 4 mounts in all for the 3 lights so the added 100 buckeroonies is again an obstacle, but thx none the less! Creativity kicks in in direct proportion to the level of financial pain it could avoid. And I've got time to be creative!
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    Mounting new LED lights on B2650HSD

    Dynamo, 14.5 amp charge from specs. i put the digital multimeter in 10A mode in series with each LED unit on a 12V battery. Light bar draw - 7.5 A Each Cube: 1 A So total at 12V is 9.5 amps for all 3 lights. But at charge voltage 14.2V, needs 11.25A which needs the 15A fuse. Says 1250 lumens...
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    Mounting new LED lights on B2650HSD

    I'd like to check out your magnets link, please. Looked at the ROPS clamp and need to find something less expensive,at least I hope to. Then it's 3"x2" square U-bolts from the hardware store, old innertube rubber for padding, and drill a few holes in some metal plate lying around.
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    Mounting new LED lights on B2650HSD

    Thanks for the pics and hints. My power lead for addons is indeed at right rear fender. All my lighting will be mounted inside the rops bar. Where yours is mounted wouldn't last a good day's work in the forest and bush here. I busted (then repaired) then eventually tore off the original...
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    Mounting new LED lights on B2650HSD

    Just got my new "attachments" in mail, so today's afternoon mission is clear. Any suggestions/hints on mounting these on my ROPS will be much appreciated. Also, any reviews on Nilight products? More specifically, mounting and using on compact tractor ROPS like mine? I've zip ties and...
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    Quicktach plate-mounted "scratcher" to clean up gravel ribbon driveway

    Box Blade with scarifiers down to break up and level the grass mounds.
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    What grease is recommended for my implements and other asst zerk fittings?

    I've been using Lucas X-Tra Heavy Duty grease everywhere on my tractor and implements with excellent results. Unfortunately the X-Tra HD grease is n longer available for some reason and my 10-pack I nabbed in 2017 when I bought my tractor is almost gone, so probably going to get Lucas Red N...
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    Ethical Purchase

    All being equal use the best dealer for your needs. The "loser" dealer will just be processing some other sale instead of yours, anyway, no skin off their noses.
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    anybody know what this lever does ? in front of loader control lever ? (see photo)

    Lock the lever when you're not using the loader. Not every time, but like if it's on the tractor and you're mowing or running (and paying attention to) any number of rear mounted implements, especially on the move. And always on the road/highway! Raise it up a foot at least and lock that lever...
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    LA534 joystick issue on B2650/LX2610

    You are aware that the bucket curl controls have a 2 stage operating mode? With an indent between that can be pretty stiff to push through. Same for the boom control, pushing forward there's an indent then the lever locks in boom float mode. If those aren't the "stiffness" issues then it's a...
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    2017 B2650 Broken foot step, tack-welds.

    Barely avoided a skinned knee when this let go. 1140 hours old tractor. 4 tiny spot welds taking my weight jumping on/off it for 5 1/2 years. Could have snapped anytime. And I'm only 175lbs. Hate to say it, but poor design, Kubota. Going to find a couple nuts and bolts to fix it, no welder...
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    What RPM to rub BH92?

    I run my BH77 on B2650 at the tractor's "rated RPM" as advertised, which is 2500rpm and mid-pto 2500rpm for the blower. 2398rpm is the rpm that produces 540 rear PTO rpm The "working" rpm is not WOT. WOT runs my machine past 2700rpm which is not ideal for the engine on the HP/Torque output...
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    2 Safety Questions

    NOT SAFE. Loader lever locked or not. Visualize one of the boom hydraulic cylinder lines bursting because of a defect, or further down the road from wear and tear and/or damage. Suddenly nothing is holding the ~1000lb of steel in the air. OUCH and worse. Only if necessary, as I've...
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    LX2610 stalling when creeping

    I use a loosely fitted small zip tie looped around the seat switch lever under the seat, keeping it from popping up and shutting me down. The tie loop can slip off quickly and easily to restore full safety before anyone else but me runs the tractor.
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    LX2610 stalling when creeping

    That works to stop the engine real nice!