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    Kubota L3901 code P0087

    Boy, I am sure glad that my tractors do not have an ecu. Good luck and thank you for the updates.
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    Backhoe Owners poll.......

    I bought mine (BH7500) with my first Kubota (L3010). I used it a lot at first--site work for barn foundation, removing stumps, the occasional critter burial and so on. It sat for 5+ years so I thought about selling it. Mrs. tbk5 said no--it's paid and may come in handy for other projects...
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    Starting problems....

    I wish I paid more attention to these no start threads. Yesterday, I moved my L3710--everything worked as it should. At the end of the day, it would not start. Glow plugs, shut off valve, lights, etc all work. Not even a click on the starter. I tried bypassing the PTO and clutch safety switches...
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    Propane cost

    Did my summer pre-buy 3 weeks ago. $1,619/ gl, 600gl. That gets us through the year.
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    Gr2120 not shutting off

    You need a wiring diagram. has a WSM for the GR2100EC. Maybe the wiring is similar. Does the stop solenoid actuate (audible click or you can watch it move) when you turn the key on (without starting) and release when you turn the key off (delayed). You should also test your key...
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    Gr2120 not shutting off

    Looks like it's on the pillar behind the battery, right side, on the Messick's parts list
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    GR2100 NEW ISSUE

    Likely the 15A stop timer relay fuse. Maybe the wire is broken or the contactsarecorroded. Or, you may have a shorted wire somewhere that is causing the fuse to blow. (At least I did when I had the same issue.)
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    Sending PM
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    I've been looking for one but I'm just too far away-16 hr drive each way. :(
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    Impact Wrench Recommendations?

    LOL. I agree, The 3/4in impact that I inherited from dad is a beast but the trigger doesn't work. I set up the wrench then plug the line on. Yee haa--look at her go....
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    Impact Wrench Recommendations?

    Except I already have a 1/2in and 3/4in drive pneumatic impact wrenches and an air line with oiler on the compressor. :D But if I didn't, I would go with a Milwaukee M18 becasue I have lots of M18 tools and batteries.
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    Net Zero

    I can't help but think of CFL bulbs when I think of electic cars, trucks and tractors. Solve one "problem" and create two other problems
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    GR2120 Loose Axle

    Pictures might help.
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    Roll Call

    Are we supposed to check in daily? I'm here every day.
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    Roll Call

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    Newer GM stuff is junk

    I repack the muffler bearings when I change the blinker fluid. Have not had to replace the muffler or the blinker yet.
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    Front weights for Kubota zero turn mower?

    Would they keep one from getting airborne?? Hehe. I was impressed with the speed of my zeroturn, unil I went mostly airborne over a bump. :oops:
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    GR2100 Rear Axle Seal Leak

    I had no issues with the bushings. My problems were with case openings that were not open enough and pitting in the casting along the mating surfaces. I have had it since the 2nd year they came out. They wasn't much to google then. I am thinking of selling it and using the proceeds to get a...
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    GR2100 Rear Axle Seal Leak

    Well, I finally got around to rebuilding the the GR2100 transmission, three times! Yes, the case has a lip to keep the seal in. So the transmission has to come apart to change the axle seals. The seals sit inside a metal carrier. It turned out to be a good thing in my case. (no pun intended)...
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    Excellent execution...... of a bad idea

    Nice. You have me thinking....