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    3PH power pack

    Anyone have a 3PH power pack for sale? 25 gallon reservoir, with cooler, filter etc?? I have looked at 3 different manufacturers and all are on long lead times. (8-12 weeks or more) Any leads are appreciated..I need this for a loader mounted blower set up/skid steer style. Blower need...
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    Snow tires

    Im sure this has been discussed at length but need some new info given a recent chat at the local Kubota dealer I am new to the tractor world and need some advice, all those I know with them have been great. I want to put a more dedicated snow tires on my L4760 HSTC (R4 currently). Nokian...
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    Radial tires

    I am trying to get my L4760 set up with snows..Nokian TRI-2 (17.5x24 rear)=460/70R24 Fronts are my trouble 10x16.5 , Galaxy makes the Mighty Trac snow use radial.. My questions: Are the wheels on the machine ( running R-4 Titan) going to accept the radials? Can I change the front wheels...