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  1. traildust

    Im looking for nwe tractor gun

    When you do get that pea shooter, I want a picture of you saddled up on the Kubota making a run at a rabbit while you're popping off rounds. That would be a clasic :cool:
  2. traildust

    Reinstalled FEL - now it won't lift!

    HA HA! That's a good one, I like that. If you had a buddy with the same set up you could have some fun.
  3. traildust

    Goose Neck Hitch

    I normally keep my Trojans in my wallet :eek:
  4. traildust

    Im looking for nwe tractor gun

    Forget about the rabbid rabbits, worry about the low hanging branches. They break arms :D
  5. traildust

    Snow blade or blower

    Skeets, put the sauce down buddy :D
  6. traildust

    foamy transmission oil

    The factory spec for fluid capacity is for either a brand new or a fill up after complete tear down and overhaul. During a normal fluid dump it will no all come out, lots of hiding places for fluid. Some aeration of the fluid as read on the stick is most likely normal. Mine shows some after...
  7. traildust

    L35 no power steering

    congratulations on finding and fixing the problem and most of all, thank you for posting the follow up :D
  8. traildust

    Reinstalled FEL - now it won't lift!

    I'm guessing just keep trying to cycle it with the eng at high rpm and it should bleed the air out.
  9. traildust

    What could cause an F2100 to start eating clutch disks?

    That's some really great information, thank you for sharing :D
  10. traildust

    B8200 hsd

    Good to see you still hammering away and gett'n it done. That last picture with the hose looks like a cat was clawing at it :eek:
  11. traildust

    Dirty boots

    Thanks for posting that boot cleaner. I could REALLY use something like that at my place. I've got three horses, four dogs, a couple of chickens and a peacock that free range. I step in a lot of crap :eek:
  12. traildust

    Goose Neck Hitch

    No worries Dusty, it's all good :D
  13. traildust

    G5200 and a G6200 The work begins

    You aint fooling anybody :rolleyes: :D
  14. traildust

    Work at my place or be nice to the neighbors?

    I agree with Michael, it's your property and you paid for it so do what you want and enjoy life. Your Kubota is already hunter orange so you should be ok when Bubba starts shooting at noises in the brush :eek:
  15. traildust

    G5200 and a G6200 The work begins

    Bob, sounds like you're getting quite the fleet of tractors :D Looking forward to when you find your camera. Really like to see pic's of your "favorite" G6200 :p
  16. traildust

    electrical problem

    How many new bulbs have you tried? Swap the known good one from the other side in put it in there.
  17. traildust

    Goose Neck Hitch

    Thanks Dusty.... My aunt has a horse ranch and has a collection of goose neck trailers. Her truck bed has the ball that rotates when not in use and enables her to have full use of the truck bed. Kinda slick but very expensive.
  18. traildust

    B8200 hsd

    Damn good find on the manual Dusty :D
  19. traildust

    A little OT

    Damn skeets, I forgot how hot Elvira was :eek: