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    Net Zero

    Absolutely NOT
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    Roll Call

    Here, off and on.
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    Other Tractors We Own

    1953 Oliver 77
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    Spare Parts L260

    I have been wondering if there would be any parts that would be recommended to buy to have on hand as it gets older and parts harder to find. Anything that is common to be needed for an L260 ? Almost warm enough to fire it back up, snow is slowing down. Thanks
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    Tried ChatGPT?

    Haven't tried it. Its bad enough for me when I start talking to the computers when trying to get a REAL LIVE PERSON!
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    Tire size

    Have never tried ag tires on front but I know with good not warn 3 rib I can see it cutting into the dirt when I turn. Also have to not turn to sharp or quick on the lawn or it will tear it up. What are you looking for your tires to do?
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Last time we went Florida I got anxious to go home and do things with the tractor. It was in March that year and when we came home there was still 30 plus inches of snow on the ground!
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    The State of Maine will second that!
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    Toolbox Hot Items

    For me and my old tractor its assorted wrenches especially ones to fit the battery and tools to clean connections. Pins and such for 3 pt. hitch attachments. Breakaway pins for 2 bottom plow. A scrench for the chainsaws. Adjustable and pliers.
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    Merry Christmas, those without power we hope you get it back soon.
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    Does anyone Collect Antique Cars?

    Me to, 64 Impala SS, 68 GTO 400 with his & hers auto.
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    Making choices...

    Our founders placed enormous emphasis on personal religious freedom. Would we force a Quaker to serve in the military if we were being attacked?
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    Making choices...

    They wanted a cake made for a wedding, the Baker served them in all other ways but the wedding cake went against his beliefs.
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    Making choices...

    The Baker did work for them regularly but the specific occasion was against his personal beliefs.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone...

    Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all. Thankful for what I've learned here.
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    Winter Prep Already?!?!

    10 cord home and finishing garden harvesting the next couple of weeks. Some stuff to do to the house and the chickens coop and hunting (winters meat) is starting soon. Didn't even go swimming or take the canoe out..
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    Chicken Lights

    We got them as chicks and they are at 28 weeks now, to soon for that.
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    Chicken Lights

    Our winter days here in Maine are shorter than most of the U.S. So hens stop laying or slow down.
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    Chicken Lights

    What do any of you that have backyard chickens use for LED lights to extend the daylight to about 16 hrs. for laying hens? I've seen a wide range?