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    B6200HST rear axle oil leak?

    Clean the area with brake parts cleaner and try and find the source. My axle case (L3600) was leaking. It wasnt hard to fix. Just needed to be resealed.
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    Who's Using a Trickle Charger / Battery Tender?

    Dang, that sucks. Maybe they aren't made like they used to be. Most of mine are pretty old, but one of more newer ones is made a little different. I hate when companies with a good reputation sell out.
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    Who's Using a Trickle Charger / Battery Tender?

    I have several Deltran battery tenders (1.25amp) and all my stuff hardwired. I have been using them for years, wait probably decades now! I have had good luck with the Deltran brand, especially the 1.25amp models.
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    Leaking Boom Cylinder

    I have an LA680 loader and have rebuilt all my cylinders over the years. I ran into the same issue with trying to get the right seals. I think I bought the wrong ones once but was able to return them. It isnt a hard job. Gets easier the more you do it! Its a good warm up for doing the steering box.
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    Need a replacement battery

    Same here. All my stuff is hardwired for a battery tender.
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    Need a replacement battery

    I usually just buy a new battery based on what was originally in there. My tractor will sit for weeks without running, so I typically keep it on a tender most of the time. I find that does more for longevity than trying to figure out what battery is made where and how good it is. Most of it is...
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    Battery maintainer port for my BX1880

    Same experience here with battery tenders. I use Deltran tenders on all my stuff. Well worth it.
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    Lug nut reminder

    I have had a few lugs come loose over the years. Good thing to check them often!
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    leaking rear axle case L3600

    Recently brought my L3600 into the shop to fix the leaking steering cylinder. I noticed the rear axle was was dripping on the shop floor. Cleaned it up and it appears to be coming from the case seal. I pulled it apart tonight. It isnt very hard to remove. Basically remove half of the ROPs...
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    '95 L3300 GST Won't Move Any Gear

    I am probably behind the curve on inflation with tractor prices, but $6500 seems steep for a non running tractor. As an owner of an older tractor, fixing worn out stuff will eat up money fast. Hydraulic hoses are crazy expensive now, and Kubota parts can vary from reasonable to downright crazy...
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    Steering cylinder

    Just finished rebuilding my L3600 steering cylinder. I was a bit confused at first as to what your problem was, until I looked at the schematic for your tractor. Someone must have ordered the wrong parts and tried to make them fit. Based on what I could see from the schematic, I think you made...