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    B4200 non turf tires

    Hello- I’m in exactly the same boat, just the opposite. If you’re near St. Louis by chance, I’ll trade you four mounted ag assemblies for four turfs. Worth a shot in the dark. These tires/rims are like albino unicorns.
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    Mid Mount Mower B4200

    Hello- I previously had a MMM on a 4200. The 3 point linkage was connected to the rear of the mower, so essentially the hydraulic controller for the 3 point raised and lowered the deck.
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    B4200 Turf Wheels/Rims

    Hello Everyone - does anyone have information regarding turf tires and wheels for a B4200? I currently have ag tires and the rims are not interchangeable. I know the front turfs are 20x8-10 and the rears are 212/80D-15, and I have even heard of people using truck tires as a rear turf substitute...