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    Hydraulic pumps

    Hi I have a KX 027 grey market excavator. Having a slight problem steering to right. Lot slower then left side. Have changed inlet and outlet filters and hyd oil. Overhauled final drives. Could someone tell me which hydraulic pump supplies oil to controls. This machine has three pumps running...
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    Hydraulic Suction Filter.

    Hi Thanks for your reply. On this machine there is a filter/ strainer on the suction side. Then on return line to tank there is another filter that is the one you have shown. Im after the filter/strainer one. Both these filters are on the inside of the hyd tank. I have finally got a Donaldson...
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    Hydraulic Suction Filter.

    Hi I have a kx 027 excavator and in need of hyd suction strainer. Get frowned upon trying to get help from Kubota dealerships as apparently it is grey market machine. Would anyone know the part number for this. The old one has no markings on it. Regards Ray