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  1. torch

    B7100 Centering arm bushing.

    Part number 070, below. I'm getting a lot of slop in the arm (060). Enough that it shifted sideways enough the centering notch on the bottom of 010 ended up riding on the circlip (130) instead of the bearing (110). Is this as simple as removing the spring (030), bolt (100), slide the arm off...
  2. torch

    PTO 1-3/8" shaft vs 1" implement shaft.

    I'm starting to get some play in my rear-mounted blower PTO driveshaft u-joints. Plus the shield is a little worse for wear and should be replaced. Kubota wants $100 (all prices in Canadian $) each for the u-joints and $173 for the shield assembly. The Kubota assembly has a shear bolt...
  3. torch

    eBay clutch vs. OEM

    In my recent "Third B7100 clutch in 4 years thread", NIWolfman said he'd had good success with aftermarket clutches from a particular eBay vendor, so I ordered one in case Kubota was out of stock. As it turned out, once the Christmas break was over the dealer got one in a day so now this one is...
  4. torch

    Third B7100 clutch in 4 years!?!?

    January 25, 2019. My clutch friction plate self-imolated. Tractor suddenly started making a horible metallic rattle, like the fan was hitting something, then shortly thereafter siezed. A spring broke and jammed the clutch against the housing. I replaced the friction plate, pressure plate...
  5. torch

    Pros and cons of snow removal options

    A frequent question that comes up here revolves around "I have xxxxx. What should I use to remove the snow around here". Usually this results in a plethora of replies with each poster expounding on their own personal favourites. So I thought it might be fun and potentially more useful to...
  6. torch

    Old Computer Tech stuff

    As for the use of all-caps: meh, I assume you are old. I too remember the days when official documents were all-caps. It was seen as more dignified and reduced confusion. My first daisy wheel printer didn't even have lower case characters. These young pups who didn't learn to type until ASCII...
  7. torch

    B7100 Hydraulic block diverter (70060-00360 or 70070-00385)

    These are obsolete and no longer available. I have recently been contacted by a member asking if I will make him one of these after reading how I made mine. I know this comes up from time to time and would like to gauge the interest others might have -- if I`m going to set up to make a couple, I...
  8. torch

    Fatal collision Hwy 11 at Severn Bridge.

    Highway 11 was closed in both directions today for many hours following what was described on the radio as a "horrific" accident. A tractor trailer hit a small tractor with snow clearing equipment, killing the operator. I hope it was nobody from here, but it's just as tragic if it wasn't. From...
  9. torch

    B7100 Glow plug questions

    The last few cold starts have required lots of glow time, even with the block heater plugged in. So I thought I would do some checks. Rear cylinder: over 9v to the plug. Centre cylinder, under 8v to the plug. Front cylinder slightly less again. Sounds like some corrosion on the connections, so I...
  10. torch

    Electric Chute Rotation -- B2789 Blower

    I have tried a couple of different motors to rotate this chute. I started with a Ford power window motor. It worked, if there was not too much ice and snow. But it lacked torque and the motor was not weatherproof. Next I tried a power seat motor, but with similar lackluster results. It worked OK...
  11. torch

    Broken PTO pump bolt - B4672 backhoe

    I was having great fun digging holes when suddenly boom operation became rhythmically jerky. In my experience, sudden changes in operating characteristics never bode well, so I shut it down and started investigating. I soon found most of a broken bolt lying underneath the PTO pump. Sure...
  12. torch

    Damp summer = water in fuel.

    I have a desiccate-filled sock called a Water Worm in my fuel tank to capture any moisture that makes it's way in. I check it when I refuel and it's generally empty. Today however, it was bulging at the seams! Full to the brim and more water in the bottom of the tank that it couldn't absorb. I...
  13. torch

    Using PTO in high range?

    My tractor has 2 rear PTO speeds: 540 and 857 rpm (@ 2800 engine rpm). My backhoe manual cautions "The backhoe has been designed to operate in the 540 PTO-RPM position only. Do not operate in the 750 position or backhoe hydraulic system damage may result." Ok, so >540 rpm = bad thing. I get...
  14. torch

    FS: RC54-71B mid-mount mower fits B7100

    This fits the later B7100 with the forward-facing mid PTO. Comes complete with all the required brackets. Missing the deflector chute (previous owner removed it). Otherwise, in working condition. It's just too wide for my property -- I went back to a 42" lawn tractor for mowing. Asking $600...
  15. torch

    Now I need a HD top link bracket...

    ... because I lucked into a great deal on a B4672 backhoe today. The HD bracket for a B7100 is part #70050-93214. Kubota seems to think they should be worth $300. I think I have a welder. Does anyone know how thick the steel is that was used to make this bracket?
  16. torch

    Not too happy with this filter

    Nice day today, time to service things in preparation for the not-so-nice weather that will be upon us in another month or two. After replacing the genuine Kubota HST filter with a fresh one, I happened to glance inside:
  17. torch

    Necessity is the mother of invention

    This worked so well I may have to make up something a little less sketchy:
  18. torch

    Trencher for B7100

    I've come across this Kubota-brand trencher for a B7100. The 3ph and PTO cover has to be removed, and this gets bolted on in place. The lift cylinder gets piped to the outlet under the seat. A drive sprocket goes directly on the PTO shaft. Does anyone have any idea what the model number would...
  19. torch

    Binford 6100 bandsaw.

    This is the sort of thing that happens when I combine woodworking with metalworking:
  20. torch

    Some days you get lucky...

    During my recent Kubota clutch adventure, I discovered that the muffler is rusting out. New one from the dealer is -- Wait For It: $550.00 Ain't gonna happen. Welding up the old one goes on the to-do list. Then I happened to stumble on a Kijiji ad listing one (together with the gasket and...