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    Time to test the Toothbar

    I just got mine Tuesday and installed it. I am really happy with it. Makes a real difference in the ability to scoop easier good size loads. Thanks BX. Dave
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    Ground hog problem

    The main ingredient in ground hog repellent is Castor oil. Seems to work. Dave
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    Yard help

    I use Crossbow. It kills all the broadleaf stuff and doesn't hurt the grasses.
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    NEW WG24 Stump Grinder - Initial impressions!

    Got my new WG24 stump grinder up and running yesterday. Awesome, I am so pleased. It does a perfect job. My son who was against buying it was also really impressed. If you go very slow it turns the stumps into saw dust. I wish I would have purchased it sooner. You guys on this forum were right...
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    What fluids do you use and where do you get them?

    I only use Wix filters on everything. I have read many times they are the best available.
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    NEW WG24 Stump Grinder - Initial impressions!

    Great to read your review of the WG24. Mine just arrived about an hour ago. I would like to know the best set up (and brand) for a camera and monitor.
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    New Trailer

    What did you end up thinking about the Woodland Mills dump trailer ??
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    BXPanded Ripper + Quick change adapter

    I have the Q/A and also the ripper. You will be really disappointed if you don't get the Q/A attachment. It is a great tool, and just pulling a pin beats it all. Now if the bucket could be changed without getting out of the seat that would be a Great game changer. Good Luck. Dave
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    New house/driveway. Boxblade vs landplane?

    Exactly what I was looking for, Thank you.
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    Recommendation for pto chipper

    Thank you, you are an honest man. Dave
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    Recommendation for pto chipper

    I totally love my Woodland Mills. Make sure you get the hydraulic feed, makes all the difference in the world. Dave
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    10W 30 oil

    I don't use Rotella, about 23 tears ago, when I bought a diesel motor home I called Cummings and had a very good long talk with the engineering dept. and they said to go to the spec. on the container don't worry about the brand. Ever since I have been running the Walmart brand. Same spec. and...
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    10W 30 oil

    I run diesel oil in all of my older gas engines. Works great and the detergent cleans oil the engines, and they keep running a lot longer. Dave
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    Dry Land Pasture Overseeding advice

    A hydo-seeder told me that he can have grass up in 3 days. I didn't ask about price. Sounds unbelievable. Dave
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    New box blade

    I'm with you. My box blade is the most used implement that I have. I just love it. Dave
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    New Guy

    Welcome to N. C. Dave
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    There is a lot of high speed steel in R. R. tracks. That is why they are so valuable Dave.
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    New (to me) BX and to the forum

    If the snow is slippery which it usually is that ( I assume) would be OK. When they say paved they mean no slipping , that would do damage.
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    New (to me) BX and to the forum

    Also never use 4 wheel in a paved surface.
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    New Member

    Congratulations !!! Welcome aboard. I think you can get any questions answered here. These guys are the BEST. Good Luck. Dave