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    Hydraulic hose treatment?

    I notice that my hydraulic hoses seem to be getting "dried out" and maybe getting brittle and ready to crack. I was wondering if anyone used some type of rubber treatment to keep them flexible and protected from UV destruction. For the record I've never disconnected them and I have about 500...
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    ZD 28 Bypass Help!

    I recently got a ZD28 and when I first got on it the Brake handle did not disengage correctly (or so I thought). I finally figured out that if I pull back on the brake handle and then move it forward it disengages with no problem. I also noted that you really have to step on the brake heavily...
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    Land Pride RCR1860 Gearbox....Mystery SOLVED!

    So after quizzing the Land Pride rep it turns out that it is true that the capacities are 4 1/2 and 4 pints for the RCR1860 and RCR1872, respectively. HOWEVER, , there is a cavity between the 2 output bearings that you can’t reach. So therefore is about 2to 2 1/4 pints is all you can do at a time.
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    Land Pride RCR1860 Gearbox....Mystery SOLVED!

    So the Land Pride rep says the manual is correct and the RCR1872 only takes 4 pint s because the gears are bigger (presumably same gearbox case. So I changed the gear oil this morning. When I sucked out the old oil I only got about 2 ¼ pints out which is what I remember I got out last time. I...
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    Land Pride RCR1860 Gearbox....Mystery SOLVED!

    What's the gear oil capacity of this gearbox? The manual says 4 1/2 pints but that seem like a lot especially because the RCR1872 only takes 4 pints. When I changed it last time I think it took about 1/2 of that before it came out of the peep hole on the side. The book does not give you how...
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    Rotary Cutter Float?

    The Manual for my RCR1860 says that the arm lift rods on the tractor 3 point hitch should be adjusted to allow for "lateral float". Can someone explain that to me and how to do that? I'm thinking that means that the RCR1860 should be able to move from side to side somewhat so don't cinch the...
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    L3200 won't start....Going RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT

    Where are the four battery connection points? If you mean grounds, I just see one right near the battery where it is grounded to the frame.
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    L3200 won't start....Going RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT

    So it started right up yesterday morning since i didn't use the tractor since the previous evening when it wouldn't start after mowing for 5 hours. Today I measured the voltage without starting it and it came out as 12.89V for this Group 24 battery which I think(???) represents a full charge...
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    L3200 won't start....Going RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT

    So yesterday after bushhogging my pastures for 5 hours I go to leave. As I pull up to the gate and cutoff the cutter and lower the throttle speed to idle it dies. I open the gate and get back on the tractor and go to start it and I get nothing. I make sure the seat safety switch is disengaged...
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    ZD28 Cutting Height Adjustment

    For some reason I cannot get the cutting height control dial to turn one way or another, regardless of whether or not the mower deck is raised or lowered. I want to get it set to 1-1/2" for the Bermuda I have so I can then ensure that the rollers are set correctly to the recommended ground...
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    Mower Forum and ZD28 Universal Joint & Greasing Questions

    When I search for my mower I get a list of posts that are in the "Mower Forum". Yet I don't see this forum under the "Forums" drop down menu. Where do I look to access this forum so I can look at all the posts? Under greasing the Universal Joints, the manual shows 3 grease fitting locations...
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    Cleaning the oil cooler, radiator and screen...

    So I notice that when I am bushhogging the pastures the dust it creates plus cutting the vegetation with the "fluffballs" on top can lead to a covered/clogged screen that is located in front of the radiator and behind the oil cooler. This leads to the temperature rise to just below the red on...
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    Kubota mower forum

    Thanks, guys!
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    Kubota mower forum

    Thanks! Is there a difference between the ZD28, ZD28F and the ZD28G I saw on the Kubota website?
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    Kubota mower forum

    Yes, Its a ZD28
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    Kubota mower forum

    When I bought my L3200 I found this forum to be invaluable in taking care of my new orange baby. I just bought a used Kubota RCK60P-28Z zero turn mower. I think I got a good deal...diesel engine only 680 hours - new fluids, filters and blades. I wonder if anyone can direct me to a similar...
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    Greasing the Front Axle Support

    So I am trying to grease the front axle support. I took out the breather plug like it tells you to do. I greased the front grease fitting and grease came out of the breather tube almost immediately. However, when I went to grease the front axle support grease fitting behind the axle I just...
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    No L3200/3800 Fuel Shut-Off Switch?

    So for some reason Kubota did not install one on these units. I'm getting ready to replace my fuel filter and thought I'd install one while I'm at it. I want to make sure I get a good quality one that will stand up to the diesel fuel and hot weather here in the south. Any recommendations...
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    Screwed the pooch....

    So I normally attach a drag harrow to my RCR1860 rotary cutter when cutting the pasture to help break up the horse manure piles. Anyway, yesterday without thinking I backed up over the drag harrow with the cutter turning. Of course, the harrow was broken into about 10 pieces but my bigger...