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    New b2601 Hydro creeps forward

    I installed the fitting to the center of the shaft. I did not remove the shaft, was able to carefully drill and tap outer shaft for a pipe thread zerk fitting. So far it has helped with the treadle pedal movement, however, I have not had very cold temps here so that has not been tested.
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    New b2601 Hydro creeps forward

    I installed a grease fitting on my B2601 treadle shaft it does help some, just be sure you use very thin grease, or it will make peddle hang in cold temperatures.
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    cracked transmission housing

    I think I would not take a chance with replacement of the bracket unless you could make a shield to protect the bracket, so it was not a reoccurrence. Even better would be away to fasten spring to something nearby with a zip tie.
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    Rubber Floor Mats B2601

    It's possible that a chemical or fuel got on the mat and degraded the rubber. May have happened at the dealer and over a period of time affected the rubber mat. Would definitely go to the dealer and see if they will work with you on a replacement. Any idea what they cost?
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    Need a bigger alternator on your B series?

    Curious about how difficult were the mods and cost of the alternator? Would like to update my B2601.
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    B2601 Wheel Spacers?

    I went with 2 inch mainly because I wanted the extra stability but I also have wooded trails and did not want to lose maneuverability through the woods. Also have to consider implement width as was stated. I used the double nut on the stud procedure, they are tight but I removed mine without...
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    B2601 Wheel Spacers?

    I went with the Brotech 2-inch spacers on my B2601, no complaints a quality product and the cost was worth the extra stability. Installed my self, tires filled just went slow and carefully and had no issues. The factory wheel studs must be removed, again take your time and follow the included...
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    B2601 Grill Guard

    I also used the expanded metal but used heavy duty zip ties, if something is going to go through the guard it will be pushing the screen against the existing guard. Both ways work and that's what counts.
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    Stop the ROPS bar from loud squeaking when underway.

    I use a small piece of rubber glued on the lower part of rops, so that when you put the upper section up it pinches the rubber just enough to get the pins in. No rattle and no extra bolts to deal with.
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    Put a 'Harley' horn on my 'BX

    That BX runs a lot cooler than most Harleys do on a hot summer day in town it should be ok.
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    B2601 Treadle Pedal hard to use

    Prime-Line 2-7/8 in. L X 9/16 in. D Extension Spring 2 pk - Ace Hardware
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    My B2601 takes the same battery as my wife's 2017 Honda CR-V, Group size 51R. I also am a user of Walmart's Everstart Maxx batteries. Currently $140
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    B2601 Coolant temperature gauge reading?

    I understand that diesels naturally run cooler and requires a longer run time to reach normal operating temp to burn off any moisture / condensation from oil and internal parts when being operated in colder outdoor temps. This is true for gasoline engines also but does not require as much run...
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    B2601 Coolant temperature gauge reading?

    Those are some nice looking covers, will keep them in mind.
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    B2601 Coolant temperature gauge reading?

    I normally let it warm up at idle for a few minutes and when doing light work keep rpms 1500 - 2000 rpms. When cooler weather sets in I let it idle instead of shutting it off when I am off the tractor. I will try the blocking of air in slow increments to see if I can find the proper amount.
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    B2601 Coolant temperature gauge reading?

    Was running my 2601 yesterday letting it warm up for about 5 minutes before moving some buckets of firewood up to the house, it was 40 degrees and I only shut tractor off when unloading the wood. This took about 60 minutes and I noticed the temperature gauge was barely off the cold mark. During...
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    Stink bugs

    Yes they have to come in contact with the product, my goal using Telstar is to keep them from entering my home as much as possible. Stink bugs main objective is to enter a warm, dry environment to make it through the winter. Once they are in your home where it is warm they maintain being...
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    Stink bugs

    TelStar is the spray I use, it will not harm pets (when it dries), leaves no odor, lasts about 30-45 days.
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    Visible O-ring on hydraulic cylinder

    I may be mistaken but I believe that o ring is installed to protect the outward seal on the cylinder from paint when the cylinder is painted after repair.
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    Backhoe thumb

    If you read the complete description on their site I believe it states which thumb fits what bucket, it has to do with the the number of teeth and width of your bucket. If I remember correctly the long thumb will contact the teeth on certain buckets instead of interlacing with the teeth.