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  1. ItBmine

    Kub introduces new models

    Thanks. It's a diesel. It made me think about what would have been if that deal with Kubota building tractors for Ford would have went through. I forget what year that was, but it was when Kubota first wanted to get in to North America, they were in talks with Ford as Ford had the dealer...
  2. ItBmine

    Kub introduces new models

    I always wondered how an old tractor like that Ford would compare to something like a new 40 horse L series with 4WD in ground engagement work? The Ford is only 2WD but it is heavier. I like old tractors, but you can't beat modern hydraulic controls over the old ones. I still want a new M7060...
  3. ItBmine

    Kub introduces new models

    I still like new tractors for loader work. Some of the old loaders and hydraulics are pretty primitive. But now that prices went crazy I'll keep my B2620 for mower, loader and backhoe work and use the Ford for heavy ground engagement work.
  4. ItBmine

    Kub introduces new models

    Here's what I bought since Kubota raised their prices. It has zero hydro whine and no regens. LOL
  5. ItBmine

    Kubota b2601 MMM and 3 point hitch

    No way I know of, but what I do when mowing is I start by raising the 3 point to full height......then only drop until the mower deck goes all the way down then stop it. That way the 3 point arms are still raised up.
  6. ItBmine

    Kubota b2601 MMM and 3 point hitch

    That's how they are on that model. My B2620 is the same. The mm mower lift works off the three point. I just take implements off when I mow. I generally would not want to mow with my backhoe or an implement on anyway. But the mower deck can be locked up to use 3 point implements.
  7. ItBmine

    Bought my 1st Kubota.

    I never timed myself, because I'm never in a race, but I love that drive over deck on my B2620. I would never buy a mm mower that is not a drive over. Hardest part about taking it on and off is reaching underneath to slide the PTO shaft on. Which I don't mind....I wouldn't want the auto connect...
  8. ItBmine

    LX20 series availability?

    I'm in northern Ontario, way north of that dealer and it's still snowing here. But mostly bare ground, it's melting a day or two after each fall. Anyway, I was going to say that new series is not even listed on the Kubota Canada web site and I check it almost daily. It has been on the US site...
  9. ItBmine

    Bought my 1st Kubota.

    Wow, hope you heal up to a full recovery. Being a 37 year trucker in the construction industry, I feel for you. I know what's it's all about with these bad drivers. And another reason I hate every new vehicle have a computer and television in the dash. Nice looking place and stuff you got...
  10. ItBmine

    The Line Up!

    Nice. The poor old Kubota looks like it has had a hard working life!
  11. ItBmine

    Kubota K Connect Snowblower problems explained.

    Why I like the old cheap reliable systems where you have to bend over and hook up a PTO driveshaft.
  12. ItBmine

    kubota x1100 transmission issues

    There are all kinds of cables, linkages and adjustments on these RTV's that all need to work in sync. Only advice I can give is check out They have a Kubota RTV section that has the most info I have ever found on them. Just search the forum and a couple members have...
  13. ItBmine

    B2620 glow plug trouble shooting

    I don't know about his, but my B2620 has a glow plug position on the key switch.
  14. ItBmine

    Tractor with backhoe storage question.

    Why not get a sea can? Anyway, as far as size, I have a 20 foot sea can and I have the backhoe stored in it, along with my B2620 with the loader and a rear snow blower installed. I do have the loader in the raised position a stand over the backhoe though.
  15. ItBmine

    Type of trailer?

    I bought this to bring my RTV home and to use for my B2620 and Allis Chalmers CA. It was $5300 Canadian, 16 foot deck and 5700 pound capacity.
  16. ItBmine

    (SALE OVER) was $15- dollar Kubota tees and hats

    Or my Allis Chalmers and Massey Ferguson hats since I'm now buying more antique collector tractors instead of new Kubota's since the ridiculous price increases.
  17. ItBmine

    (SALE OVER) was $15- dollar Kubota tees and hats

    It most certainly is, and like most manufacturers i will provide you with no warranty. LOL
  18. ItBmine

    (SALE OVER) was $15- dollar Kubota tees and hats

    My wife has one of those machines that can make decals and print on shirts and hats. I told her to make me a bunch of shirts and hats that say "ME" LOL May as well promote myself since no one is paying me.
  19. ItBmine

    (SALE OVER) was $15- dollar Kubota tees and hats

    I was just going to say, with the amount of the recent price increase, they'd have to pay me to advertise.