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    Post hole auger questions for a BX2380.

    Save yourself some money, and frustration, get the 40 volt Ryobi Earth Auger. This thing rocks. Kick back prevention, and reverse make it so easy a kid could...
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    BX 2380

    R14’s on a BX are way less aggressive than the R14’s on Neil’s LX. I have them on my BX turf damage is not an issue.
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    Bxpanded Is Awesome!

    Nice, I have the skid plate, tool box, backhoe dolly, and hydraulic pressure kit. Ripper and QC are next.
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    Bx expanded skid plate

    Yep, only time my skid plate comes off is to change the oil, since I don’t have a MMM.
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    Rear tire spacers and weights for BX2380?

    Don’t see any advantage to spacers or weight on the front axel besides more stress on the axel. It is all about the rear, space it out, and filler up, each rear tire holds 9 or 10 gallons.
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    Woe is me... Ballast box problems

    If your implement is QH compatible you don’t even have to get off of the tractor to hook it up. Both my tiller and flair mower are QH compatible, really handy for heavy implements like them.
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    New loader question

    Noticed they have a new Pro cutting edge, reversible, teeth, or straight edge, uses the factory holes. Stout price tag. My factory edge was like a $135 for the BX.
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    Rear tire spacers and weights for BX2380?

    2” spacers here also, rim guard is around 11 pounds per gallon, with each rear tire holding 9 or 10 gallons, so roughly 200 pounds.
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    New loader question

    It is optional equipment, not all that expensive.
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    Beet Juice Laser

    Hopefully no more beet juice laser beams.
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    Beet Juice Laser

    The sales pitch. Weighs 11 pounds per gallon vs the 8 of water. Doesn’t freeze. Non-toxic Doesn’t corrode wheels like calcium chloride. Negatives, eats rubber valve stems, smells like sh*t, and is sticky as hell.
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    Beet Juice Laser

    Dropped the tractor off to have the valve stems replacer with the proper ones. Dealer says he can pump it out, and not waste it, thank goodness, I had visions of having to dump that nasty stuff somewhere on the property. Also he said he has never heard of the rubber valve stem restriction, I...
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    Beet Juice Laser

    This is directly from the Rim Guard FAQ, shouldn’t a Rim Guard dealer know this? “catastrophic failure” pretty much sums it up, and that is after only 10 months of being installed.
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    Beet Juice Laser

    It is finally nice here, so I was washing a winters full of mud off the tractor; while washing one of the rims I just bumped the valve stem, and it shot a beet juice laser at my house. House was covered in beet juice, I was covered in beet juice, suffice to say, I was totally pissed. :mad: Word...
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    Footprint in the garage of a BX23s with bucket and backhoe.

    Just measured mine yesterday, since I’m trailer shopping, pretty much exactly 15’ My biggest problem is all the mud the little guy tracks in, it is like he was born in a barn or something. Lol.
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    Too much weight in ballast box

    400 pounds isn’t a lot with the front end loader attached, but with it removed it must be. 500 pound Round bails on the back of my little loaderless Iseki would put the front wheels in the air, 200 pounds of suitcase weights on the front was enough to offset it.
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    Buying a UTV

    I’ve had 3 CVT’s, Yamaha Wolverine 450 ATV, Yamaha keeps the belt under tension, so awesome engine braking. Polaris Ranger 500 free wheels down hills, but plenty of fun (45 mph), great for work, and also a great price in 2018 $8000. My other CVT, is a Honda ADV 150 scooter, fell In love once I...
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    New Member

    Thanks, I really had my heart set on the backhoe. I’ve rented a mini excavator a few times, and it gets expensive at over $400 a pop, plus now I can use it anytime just not when I have a big job.
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    New Member

    Found some old pictures of my first tractor. 1955 Ford 850, what a beast to learn on. After a few years of ownership, I swore I’d never own another gas tractor, what a pain to keep running.
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    Standard manual vs hydrostatic on slope

    Bingo, The same procedure as anything else with a clutch, and manual transmission