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  1. RedRiot15

    BX2826 V Plow for a BX80 Series Tractor

    The controller for the 2826 the top button when pressed does the left blade and the bottom button does the right blade (loader stick to left to angle left or right to angle right) There is also a button on the back when you press it it allows you to either scoop or V the blade back in one...
  2. RedRiot15

    V plow for BX

    Yeah it works really well !!! I bought the bx2826 kubota v plow and it is controlled left or right blade with a button (won’t move if you don’t push one of them) and then has a back button where if you push it it scoops(handle to left)or angles back (handle to right)
  3. RedRiot15

    Too much weight in ballast box

    My front tires are loaded on my BX. I got a 72” Front v plow on the k connect running turf tires
  4. RedRiot15

    V plow for BX

    Yes you can Each side is operated separately. On my blade the left side is controlled all the time and right side I use third function button to move right side. So I can angle one side or the other ahead or back while leaving the other straight
  5. RedRiot15

    Pros and cons of snow removal options

    If you’re not a couple inches of snow I prefer to use a blade if we get more than I use the blower. With both setups I use a box blade on rear for back dragging from the doors etc. I also run loaded front and rear turf tires with no issues
  6. RedRiot15

    Heated Steering Wheel

    I wear electric gloves I have psoriatic arthritis. Almost need a heated loader control too then. I find my right toe gets cold now
  7. RedRiot15

    V plow for BX

    Since making this blade I found the 2826 blade for a crazy deal so ended up picking it up aswell. It’s 60” wide straight 50” V back
  8. RedRiot15

    V plow for BX

    I have the front mount 48” commercial blower and wanted a blade to connect to k connect for when it only snows an inch or few. I originally seen the bx2826 plow and wanted to get one but when I seen the price I decided to build myself one with a skidsteer 72” v plow (60” V) I bought the k...
  9. RedRiot15

    BX2826 V Plow for a BX80 Series Tractor

    I just bought the 2826 v plow this past weekend off a buddy It uses same k connect as the rest of the k connect attachments for the 80 series. The only down side I see is the third function activation you have to press a button for left or right on front of joystick for left or right blade and...