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  1. DeepWoods

    Adding Hydraulic Deflection on Snowblower

    I know it is overkill, but wanted to have something local, and off the shelf. It was the smallest size they had. Heck, any hydraulic for deflection is overkill, but after running the blower last year, I decided that I really like staying inside my cab, and even though I would only have to get...
  2. DeepWoods

    Well this sucks

    I would want electric start on a larger generator, but my Honda 3kw had the battery go dead on it probably 4 years ago, and when I go to start it, it ALWAYS starts by the second pull. No need to replace the battery. Most of the time on the first, but then I only use non-oxygenated fuel. I will...
  3. DeepWoods

    Adding Hydraulic Deflection on Snowblower

    Decided to add hydraulic chute deflection to my snowblower. Starting out with wood patterns, and now that all of the geometry and dimensions are correct, I will proceed with the final metal version. I purchased a cylinder from Northern Tool which has a one inch longer stroke than the OEM...
  4. DeepWoods

    Well this sucks

    I have a Honda 3kw inverter that sips gas, can stand next to and hear someone whisper and have never had one issue with in ten years. My Honda is only 120 volt. Also have a 10kw Generac whole house generator that runs off propane. Never had a problem with it, but my neighbor who bought the...
  5. DeepWoods

    First dent and scratch

    I didn't have to do it, mine came with a small scratch in the hood. I was somewhat disappointed about it at first, but managed to scratch it myself less than a month later. While I wouldn't do it on purpose, it's your tractor and your tradition. I say go for it.
  6. DeepWoods

    Wicked 55

    I put the same grapple on the front of my B2650 this spring, and it spent most of its time there, till I put the snowblower on yesterday. I'm in agreement, one of the best time savers one could spend money on. Your body will thank you for buying one. I didn't think twice about spending the...
  7. DeepWoods

    LX2610 swivel seat

    This is how the seat at attaches to the b77 with the extensions to fit a cab model b2650. If your dealer will let you order a la cart, you wouldn't have to purchase the swivel seat at all, just the cab model seat and post.
  8. DeepWoods

    LX2610 swivel seat

    It is only a quess, as my tractor quote was not itemized. Because I have a cab b2650 I had to have the extension and extra seat to have a backhoe, it was only priced as a bh77. But it is a big chunk of steel.
  9. DeepWoods

    Draw Bar Specs

    The draw bar itself measures close enough to specs, 1.256x1.937x 15 5/16 long or 1 1/4 x 1 15/16 closest fractional sizes. The existing hole is 1" from the end of the bar to the center of the hole. I can't even put a 2 inch ball on the draw bar as it would have a 1" shaft on the ball. If I...
  10. DeepWoods

    Draw Bar Specs

    I have a B2650HSDC and I have yet to find a twisted clevis to fit my draw bar. While the specifications given above may be ASAE standards the draw bar hole size in my draw bar provided with the tractor has an inside dimension of .823. Not even close to 1 inch. I either end up with a pin that...
  11. DeepWoods

    LX2610 swivel seat

    My thinking would be with a swivel seat there are that many more moving parts to wear out, or just get sloppy. Even with the rops model you still have to get off the seat and swivel it around. Ain't like you can just swivel and be ready to work the backhoe. The seat that you will be getting...
  12. DeepWoods

    LX2610 swivel seat

    Other than the additional cost for the extended mount and the cost of the additional seat, one thing I would say is I am 200 pound guy, and the leg room area with the extended mount can get tight for space running the backhoe for extended times. It also changes the approach angle if loading on...
  13. DeepWoods

    B2650 stalling when pressing forward or reverse pedal

    I too have had problems with my B2650HSDC shutting down while attempting to go in forward or reverse. I started troubleshooting it about a month ago, and tested all the safety switches that would cause a shutdown. I came to the conclusion that it must be the seat switch. On the cab b2650 the...
  14. DeepWoods

    LX2610 with cab installing rear LEDs

    If your new LX2610 is like my B2650HSDC then the wiring harness for the rear lights is already there. All you need to do to install the switch is pull out the blank in the dash push in the $60 switch and plug the wiring harness plug into the back of the switch. The plug is most likely near the...
  15. DeepWoods

    Snowblower options

    I find the combination of my front mount blower, with the box blade on the rear does a good job of getting things cleared with little shoveling at the end of the day. What I really like however, is the enclosed cab. Best thing my wife ever bought me.
  16. DeepWoods

    Sudden death of White Oak?

    I'm willing to bet that there would be few if any mill operators that would take that tree down for just the lumber. I know I wouldn't. To many bad things can happen when taking down yard trees, and a good chance of metal in the tree as well, that a mill operator would want to avoid.
  17. DeepWoods

    Finally did complete service

    I have two more logs to load on my mill this morning while it is still cool out, then my tractor goes into my shop to do the 200 hour maintenance. I decided to not wait till the 400 hours to change the transmission fluid and will do it now. Peace of mind type of thing. Of all of the new...
  18. DeepWoods

    Weird issues, who can help

    If you can't figure it out, just name her Christine. But then you would be the only one to use her.
  19. DeepWoods

    Skid steer plate thickness

    The 1/2" plate that I used was a Titan plate that I got from Amazon . I just checked, and they no longer offer the 1/2" , but do list a 3/8" and a 5 /16. I had no issues with it matching my ssqa FEL. It welded up just fine, but again was way more than needed.
  20. DeepWoods

    Skid steer plate thickness

    I used 1/2" plate for my quick attach forks, and now wish I had gone with something lighter. I'm not sure how much weight lifting capacity I would have gained with 3/8" plate, but 1 /2" was way more than needed for anything my B2650HSDC can lift. I'm the type of guy that likes to build a brick...