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  1. G.rid

    Hydraulic free grapple!

    I just stumbled across this on you tube. It's an interesting concept. Fixed lower jaw and movable top. Might be a bit of a learning curve to get used to it. But it saves having to set up a diverter valve.
  2. G.rid

    Area members ???

    I've belonged to other forms ( non tractor related) that had a section that sorted the members in to there regions, state, or provinces. It made it a lot easier to have a BBQ or get together when you new who was just around the corner. Or even to offer to lend a hand where more hands make light...
  3. G.rid

    WTB - L48 3 point hitch

    I bought a new to me (2000) L48 TLB last fall. The hoe has never been taken off and the previous owner never had the arms from new. I'm looking for the main lifting arms and lifting links at the very least. Stabilizers and top link would be a bonus. I'm in Nova Scotia, Canada. I'd prefer to...
  4. G.rid

    Cheap tires. 17.5L24 R4s

    Just trying to share a great deal. The story I was told, is that they were the wrong size tire installed on a bunch of Branson tractors. Some have no use, some...