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  1. G.rid

    Well this sucks

    I've gone thru Champion and King, now I'm trying a Firman. They're all ch'onda engines. The first two ran to about 15-1700 hrs before major issues. The Firman is up to about 450 hrs, still running strong. As far as the issue you're having skeets. I had very similar happen on the King. It ended...
  2. G.rid

    Ventilation for a Shipping Container

    It all depends what you're planning on storing in it. The attached video made me think twice about keeping anything gas related in ours.
  3. G.rid

    Found New Job for Root Grapple

    I'm not familiar the battery powered pole saws. What voltage battery does it use? Is it possible to run it from the tractors battery? Might need a step up transformer if its 18 or 24 volt? It's not intended to keep you out there working longer, Just throwing it out there. Lol
  4. G.rid

    Insurance in Canada for Kubota Tractor

    Mine is though Intact. They were the only company my broker could find to cover it. I believe I'm paying $260ish a year. Personal use only, not commercial. I can still drive it down the road to do work at the neighbor's but for trade only. 😉
  5. G.rid

    B2150 hydraulic deliver pipe failures

    Is it possible that when you tighten the banjo bolts, the pipe is twisting slightly? With constant pressure against the brazed joint, it's just a matter of time with vibrations before something gives. I'm not familiar with the setup, especially what the drawing doesn't show. Check the other...
  6. G.rid

    L3560 - pine rows

    If you want it done quickly without beating up your tractor, maybe consider hiring someone with the right equipment. It sounds expensive upfront, but considering how long it could take you with a backhoe (plus the cost of the hoe if you don't already have one). But then you still have the...
  7. G.rid

    Steep Trail Solution

    Google 'mechanical concrete' I'm not sure how steep of an incline it can be used on. It looks like a promising idea for certain areas. I'm thinking on a steeper slope, bolt or tie them together, then add stakes on the uphill tires. Fill with crushed stone for extra drainage. Pictures or...
  8. G.rid

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    :DTry it with size 14s! I feel your pain. ;)
  9. G.rid

    L48 changing backhoe pattern to excavator

    I've done it to mine a few years back, I couldn't get the hang of the backhoe pattern. I swapped the hoses at first. It changed the functions but wasn't smooth. I had to go back and swap the restricters to go with the original hoses/cylinders. Not sure if that's the right term for them, the...
  10. G.rid

    L48 Front Hydraulic Pump Coupling Shaft

    That's great that you got the shaft fixed but where's the pictures? As far as no flow, my first thought was low oil.
  11. G.rid

    Tlb l39, backhoe model?

    Bring your L39 to my place. You can try to hook up mine. Then we would both know! Lol You might be able to compare dimensions of the mounting bracket. Widths and pin to pin dimensions. Easier to check when it gets warmer again. Does the L39 have 3 hydraulic hoses to run it? The L48 does, 2...
  12. G.rid

    2007 L48 Slow Speed High Gear Going Forward I posted pics of the adjustment procedure in this thread. Scroll down to post #11. Good luck. I hope it helps
  13. G.rid

    2007 L48 Slow Speed High Gear Going Forward

    Does it only happen in high gear? Forward and reverse should be the same speed. If it happens in all ranges, I'd think the linkage is out of adjustment. Welcome to the forum!
  14. G.rid

    Loader Won’t Lower All The Way

    At first reading this, I was thinking the lift cylinders just had air in them. Cycle them a few times to bleed them and it should be fine. But then you said that they were fully retracted and no more rod showing. I'm not that familiar with a removable loader (my L48 is fixed). Is it possible...
  15. G.rid

    arrgh and sigh...

    I've had it happen on trailer tires before. Was told they were over loaded or over speed. Relocating from Ontario to Nova Scotia cost me a few tires. Mind you it was probably 5-6 trips over two years, and 110km speed limit warmed them up a little! As far as yours, like flip said probably...
  16. G.rid

    Trying to make the tractor leak

    It's probably not a good idea to boost the pressure to find the leak, it could end up causing more somewhere else. I believe most tractors have more than one hydraulic pump, which means multiple circuits. My L48 for example has 3, I'm not sure what yours would have but I'd assume 2. You may need...
  17. G.rid

    Are these in use in the US? Mulchers for small tractors.

    Yes they are. Over here they are generally called flail mowers. Also available with different style 'flails' or 'hammers'
  18. G.rid


    Most of the province is without power. I'm guessing certain internet providers would require power also. Just guessing Hopefully he made out ok last night.
  19. G.rid

    Grapple hoses

    From what I see in the picture,. I'd install 90' elbows just after the quick disconnects on the grapple side. It should keep them further from harm's way.
  20. G.rid


    Bearbait, hold on to something solid. Im down on the South shore and in the brunt of it. Luckly we're on the west side of the eye, so lighter wind (relatively speaking) but heavy rain. I believe you're forcasted to get the east side of Dorian. Which will be lighter rains but higher winds. So...