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  1. B737

    Selling my BX2350 w Snowblower and MMM

    Ordering a B2601 (horrayyy!) so I am parting with BX LA243 loader 60" MMM BX2750C Snowblower
  2. B737

    Repair: Rear steel hydraulic line above PTO BX

    This fitting started dripping today while I was out helping a friend. I only noticed because I started seeing drips on his driveway. Had I been in the yard I would have never seen it until it got worse. After the job, I noticed the compression fitting was already tight. Tightening it only made...
  3. B737

    Creating a trailer parking pad

    I would like to make a parking pad for a 16' tandem trailer right next to my shed. I had a few large oaks removed, the stumps were ground down, they were larger than 36". The ground feels soft from all the shavings, obviously. There is a slight pitch to the land across the area (sideways). The...
  4. B737

    What implement to pick up oak leaf clusters

    Had a bit of a windstorm here. Entire property is covered in these oak leaf clusters. My first thought was PTO blower into a pile (then grapple or stuff into bucket by hand), clusters are connected with branches Next thought was a landscape rake, but don't those rip up turf? Pine straw rake? I...
  5. B737

    Sudden death of White Oak?

    Two sick tree threads on first page, I didnt want to take over Coach's thread... This white oak is prob 36" in diameter, 60' tall. It is very close the house, 15', but I never messed with it during annual arborist visits because it has a substantial lean away, and was always very healthy...
  6. B737

    Has anyone rented a small towable man lift?

    I have a few limbs that i need cleaned up, some precariously hanging over the shed and fence. Nothing massive, I think all the stuff will be less than 7" in diameter, most of it just small branches / limbs. At my local equipment rental place they rent these little tow-able man lifts, relatively...
  7. B737

    Adding SSQA pick up points to 60" MMM deck, dead end

    I did some looking around today. I was hoping to weld on angles to grab the loader SSQA pickups. This would help move the mower deck around without having to use pallet forks every time. sort of like this... The good news is, where the SSQA falls out, there is tons of room... However, when...
  8. B737

    BX front weight bracket for Earth and Turf guard

    Recently installed Earth and Turf grille guard which prevented me from hanging weights on the front bumper frame. When using the brush hog, or PTO leaf blower I run 5x40 pound weights on the front since I remove the loader. I like this grille guard because the whole thing pops off with two pins...
  9. B737

    A new twist on BXpanded Carry All Tray

    Im a dumbass and backed my carry all tray into a tree while I was out cleaning up the woods. I use this tray for a lot of stuff, chain saw holder, shears holder, and my spray tank. I was never a huge fan of the "adapter", as you have to remove the top link to use the tray. When I examined this...
  10. B737

    Help identifying these hydraulic fittings

    Can someone help identify these fittings so when i call the hose shop i dont sound like a complete idiot. my goal is to have a short hose made that i can plug into the loader bucket female QC fitting into the 3rd function male QC, to test it. this male is at the loader manifold, the smooth...
  11. B737

    BX tooth bar NJ

    Nla .....
  12. B737

    BXpanded Slip hook and Grab hook NJ

    I have one brand new slip hook, and one brand new grab hook. Asking $65 for each one with free shipping, or both with free shipping. I'm not sure how I ended up with two different types, but I ever installed them, I just removed them from packaging to photograph them. They were going on LA243...
  13. B737

    BXpanded BX Brush Forks NJ

    These are 3 month old BXpanded brush forks. They have been used prob less than 6 times. The paint on them is still like new, they were installed on LA243 loader with pin on bucket. asking $225, selling because i changed buckets
  14. B737

    Third Function or Diverter on BX2350?

    has anyone here installed a 3rd function or diverter on an older BX? I have searched and come up empty handed for anything earlier than 2360 and 2380. I dont even know for sure if a 2350 has a power beyond loop since the machine isnt outfitted for a backhoe... If you have done this please...
  15. B737

    48" Pin-On BX Bucket (NJ)

    I am changing bucket styles so I am selling my old bucket It is the original bucket that came on the LA-243 loader. The bucket is in good condition. Lots of worn paint, but it is straight and true. Cutting edge is good. available for pick up in NJ, I am located near exit 98 off GSP. asking...
  16. B737

    tree removed, how do I turn to grass?

    had a mature oak removed about 3 years ago, stump was ground below grade. What's left is this area where nothing grows, prob 15x15. First time doing this, can someone give me the run down how to make it green, not going for golf course here. do I need to scrape up an inch or two of that, then...
  17. B737

    BX 3 point hitch, setting a lower travel stop?

    This is prob a dumb question. On larger tractors there is a control setting that will lower the 3 point hitch to the same setting each time. I'm not sure of the BX is capable of a set stop? Do you guys have any tricks for lowering the 3 point hitch to the same spot after its been moved up? I...
  18. B737

    (SOLD) BX2350 rear fender body and hood with headlights

    .... Nla ....
  19. B737

    Bx2350 is this shaft bent?

    Embarrassment forthcoming. I’m an idiot. Pulled the entire thing apart. Lifted the motor. Changed the stupid hst fan. Put it all back together, forgetting I had a pair of vice grips on the shaft. I bumped the starter and realized my mistake. I did not run it prior to disassembly, so I’m not...
  20. B737

    BX2350 HST Fan replacement help

    Gents, my new to me BX2350 has a missing fan blade on the HST. I have the factory workshop manual but its not helping me much besides showing me a picture. I ordered new fan (among other things) and would like to replace. Has anyone gone through this, can you share any tips or pointers? first...