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    BX23S grille guard

    OK, coming up to it's 2nd birthday and I need to make a REAL grille guard as 'stuff' getting between loader and guard has 'modified' the grille. OK BENT and those 'door catchers' are history..... Anyone made a proper guard or will I venture into the waters as a virgin ?
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    what's with the ADs

    OK, up unitl I had a rebooted this pC , I NEVER,EVER go ads on this forum... so HOW do I get rid of them ??
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    L3901 dies

    OK, up at local farm getting ponypoop , using an L3901 (pretty sure that's the number...) Anyway if you try turning right, engine dies. Wait 2-3 seconds(the time it takes to mumble w-t-f, restarts fine, carry on.... however it consistantly will die if trying to turn right,going forward. I wasn't...
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    B2920 with LA364 loader

    Looking at this B2920 with a LA364 loader, but it's a pin on bucket. Does anyone know if it can be adapted to SSQA easily, economically ? The tractor only has 75 hours on it, and a lot of bird poop....
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    BX23S loader limit

    OK..went to move some patio stones yesterday. These are 24x30 so 100# each. Have an HLA 900# pallet fork SSQA on the BX23S. It will NOT lift 4 of them, even at 3000RPM. According to the manual it 'should' lift 700# and there's NO way the pallet stuff weight 300#..... Can anyone say what they can...
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    really $$ check the price $999 USD !!!! whew, doesn't ship to Canada, eh !!! BTW over 185 sets sold !!!!! I gotta start selling kits at 1/2 price....millionaire by next year ! Jay
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    arrgh and sigh...

    Had great plans to work the BX23S all weekend long until I spotted this.... ... 19 ( yeah I counted them) soft huge pimples on the left front...arrgh..., so I checked the right front...sigh... same problem just not as bad. Kubota dealer says, sorry ,out of 1 year warranty( by 3 months..) but...
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    SSQA dualsnowblower

    OK, finally got a picture of SSQASPDSBV1.0, Skid Steer Quick Attach Self Powered Dual Snowblower Version 1 point zero. Actually had it running with 13HP engine( removed for 'tweaking'). Still need to add chute 'close/far' linear actuators,RF remote controls, battery, guards and such...seems...
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    BX23-S wiring digram

    I bought a new BX23-S last year and have 100hrs on it. Can anyone tell me where to get a good,clear copy of the wiring diagram? I'd like to add ROPS LEDS as well as power for a 12V winch setup. Thanks