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  1. DeepWoods

    Adding Hydraulic Deflection on Snowblower

    Decided to add hydraulic chute deflection to my snowblower. Starting out with wood patterns, and now that all of the geometry and dimensions are correct, I will proceed with the final metal version. I purchased a cylinder from Northern Tool which has a one inch longer stroke than the OEM...
  2. DeepWoods

    A Perfect Paint Match

    I needed to repaint my logging arch that I built 9 years ago. I still had some of the original paint left over, so that is what I used. After the second coat of paint, it looked real close to the color of a bracket that was unused from my Kubota snowblower. I brushed two coats right over the...
  3. DeepWoods

    B2650 Grill Guard Fabrication

    After getting my EA Wicked grapple better than a month ago, I knew I would need a guard to protect the plastic front grill of the tractor from getting destroyed. I have seen several other members solutions to the same problem, and I have used their ideas to come up with my own design. I liked...
  4. DeepWoods

    B2782B Snowblower Measurement Needed

    I want to install a hydraulic cylinder to the deflection chute and need the bore size and stroke length for that function. I'm guessing it is a 2 inch bore with a 6 or 8 inch stroke? Also any pictures of the mounting brackets for both ends of the cylinder would be greatly appreciated. I plan...
  5. DeepWoods

    Does Diesel Fuel Un-gel?

    So this is my first winter with a diesel tractor and everything I've read on this forum says to use anti-gel additive this winter which I have already treated my fuel with. My question is if the fuel gels with cold temps, does it un-gel when it warms up again? Is it like water turning to ice...
  6. DeepWoods

    Correct Hydraulic Fitting Sealant

    Ok, so from what I have learned from this site is that I should NOT use Teflon tape on any hydraulic fitting. So I need to assemble a front snow blower, and there are several hydraulic fittings that need sealant. So what is the correct type of sealant,? Just a pipe dope that I would normally...
  7. DeepWoods

    Hydraulic Chute Deflection on Front Mount Snowblower

    I'm just about ready to order a front mount snowblower for my B2650HSDC, and the cost of the hydraulic chute deflection is a very expensive option. I will get the hydraulic chute rotation as I feel it is worth it, but will I regret not getting the hydraulic deflection? For those that have a...
  8. DeepWoods

    Operator's Manual Explanation

    Can someone explain why in my Operator's Manual for my BH77 backhoe it specifically warns not to use liquid ballast in the rear tires while the BH77 is attached? I was interested in adding beet juice to my rear tires for stability and traction, but this is not recommended with the backhoe...
  9. DeepWoods

    50 Hour Maintenance Done Today

    Well I have 50 hours on my B2650HSDC now, so today I did the first oil and filter change. I ordered all the needed supplies from my dealer a couple weeks ago in anticipation of hitting 50 hours. $160.00 for all delivered. Oil change went ok, except getting the original engine filter off was...
  10. DeepWoods

    Testing Attaching Pictures

    Inserting a picture in post Looks better than an attached file.
  11. DeepWoods

    B2650hsdc Gets a New Set of Fangs

    When I bought my B2650hsdc I saved the forks from the small skid steer that I sold as I no longer needed it. I bought a blank quick attach plate from Amazon and welded on all the necessary pieces to mount the forks. I really like the results, except I think I could have used the 3/8"plate...
  12. DeepWoods

    B2650 bi-speed turn?

    Because I am still waiting on the delivery of my B2650, all I have been doing is reading everything I can on this forum. One question I have i what is bi-speed turning? Something to do with four wheel drive? I've looked in the WSM and haven't found what it is or does other than an indicator...
  13. DeepWoods

    New Member Introduction

    I would like to take time to introduce myself. I've been lurking for the past week or so, as I have decided to purchase my first and brand new Kubota. Let me start out by saying, and my wife would agree that it is all her fault. A few weeks ago she mentioned that it would be nice if I could...