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    Does this look right?

    The BX23 is, By Far, The Most common Kubota I've seen sold at auction in the last few months. A lot of them are being unloaded by equipment rental outfits. Machinery Trader shows 121 of them sold at auction in the last 2 years. They're averaging about $14,000. So, shop around. -Paul
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    Exotic invasive plants, and what to do about them

    Have been incredibly busy at work - the bird flu season has started early this year. I have been doing battle with exotic invasive plants on my 12-acre fully wooded property for years. The battle front is steadily advancing towards complete victory in another year or two. First, how to define...
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    Compost, Topsoil or both?

    The "scrub brush" and "pricker bushes" will probably just grow back through it anyway.
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    Daily Chuckle

    While we're on the topic of cleaners, ammonium chloride compounds (aka, quaternary ammonium compounds) are useful for cleaning...and disinfection. That's what "Lysol" is today. [Back when I was a kid, the active ingredient in Lysol was cresol, which stinks like creosote.] Almost everything in a...
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    Daily Chuckle

    Oh, bikermike, DO TELL! My wife bought me a bottle of moisturizing shampoo. "But, hon I don't have dandruff!" I like it when my hair is squeaky when I rinse it out after shampooing. I'm going to add a teaspoon of Dawn to the bottle and see if that makes a difference! -P
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    "To turbo or not to turbo, that is the question"

    Thanks, Mike, and Wolfman, The thought occurred to me that the 3-cylinder 1.6 DI engine in Mike's L2501 could have a bowl in the piston top, just like the turbo engines. If that is the case, except for a possible injection pump mismatch with a boosted engine, the combustion chamber should still...
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    "To turbo or not to turbo, that is the question"

    Hi Folks, Recently, the subject of turbocharged Kubota engines has come up repeatedly. I am in the market for an older, 20th century, L-series tractor, and have become somewhat obsessed with what opportunities might exist for that tractor to be powered by a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine...
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    Kubota L3202-10534

    Hi kayaken, I just received a Parts List for L3202 and L4202: How can I help? When I opened it up, the first thing I looked at in this list was the part number for the cylinder head assembly. There are two shown, one for the V1502 (15461-03042) and one for the VT1502 (15471-03042). The VT is...
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    Ultimate gray market must read

    Here is the complete (314 page) summary of the investigation by the International Trade Commission which led to the lawsuit brought by Kubota. The report, "In the Matter of Certain Agricultural Tractors Under 50 Power Take-Off Horsepower" is dated March 1997...
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    Any opinions on an L4202?

    Appreciate the reply, Wolfman, Just for fun, I searched "Kubota 4202" on Youtube. Dozens of videos of L4202s for Vietnam. Was great to see and hear them running around. Great looking tractor! I did notice that the operators struggled with shifting, and there were some mysterious...
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    Any opinions on an L4202?

    Oh, and I was doing some more research on the L4202. This is maybe in the realm of trivia nobody cares about, but I was wondering about that 16-speed manual transmission, which I came to find out was manufactured by Daedong, a Korean company. Interestingly, Daedong collaborated with Kubota for...
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    Any opinions on an L4202?

    ...or, breaking a transmission! Points taken, Paul L. The hot rodding comments were kind of a joke, but inquiring minds want to know what is possible. With my son, we've done a fair amount of hobby hotrod garden tractor pulling. Never got to the semi-pro level, due to other life commitments...
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    Any opinions on an L4202?

    Hi folks, Been doing some serious research into an L-series purchase. For such purchases, I've always tended to discover which model I'd prefer, then wait for an opportunity to come along. Rather than settle for the first thing that comes along. I'm attracted more to earlier models. I was...
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    Buying advice: L series

    Ya, what stops me on that idea is the Suggested Retail Price: $17,683. Just not in the budget, if I want that Hemi this year, too. Thanks, P
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    Buying advice: L series

    Ya, Wolfman, I had concluded that finding a loader to match a 30-year old tractor would be tough... One thought I had was: 1. Buy BOTH the L2350 and the L2550. 2. Repair the L2550. 3. Swap the loader from the L2350 to the L2550. 4. Sell the L2350. Your posting encourages me to snap up the...
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    Buying advice: L series

    Hi Folks, I've pretty much decided to sell my 1954 Farmall Cub, and get something a bit more capable. I have about 1/4-mile of steeply sloped driveway to maintain - winter snow removal and summer grading (asphalt grindings). I am also aiming to sell about 9000BF of timber from my 12-acre...
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    Does anyone Collect Antique Cars?

    lugbolt and his $50 car reminded me of something I had a long, LONG time ago: That's my 1950 Dodge pickup. Sorry, the nose is cropped. It had the stainless grille pieces. I bought it in a sealed bid auction by the local school district....for $25 in 1976. I was the only bidder. It had been...
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    Advice on what to buy

    Back in the 1990s when I was just 40 years old, I cleaned out a small (1000SF surface area) leaky pond with a wheelbarrow and a shovel. <spit> As I recall, it was about 200 wheelbarrow loads of wet silt. Made great garden soil! Then, I spread about 20 bags of bentonite on the bottom of the pond...
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    What does the sticker on your vehicle say about you or what people may think about you

    The justice system in America is not about finding the truth, it's about what you can cause a jury to believe. -Paul