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  1. PaulR

    Beet Juice Laser

    Not the most flattering pic of me but, been there, done that.
  2. PaulR

    BXPanded Ripper + Quick change adapter

    Welp. I'm going to find out sooner rather than later if it's a pain, the ripper is already on it's way. BXP must have had them in stock ready to ship.
  3. PaulR

    BX23s Canopy. Which one?

    Honest to Goodness, I didn't even think they actually made canopies for our tractors, I thought EVERYONE use golf cart tops, this is the first I'm hearing of actual purpose-built canopies. :geek::geek:
  4. PaulR

    BXPanded Ripper + Quick change adapter

    2020 BX 23S I just ordered the BXpanded root ripper to take care of some stumps and roots in my backyard, as my bucket was just not cutting it, literally and figuratively. Did I make a mistake not ordering the quick change adapter to go back to my bucket when needed? Knowing me I will want to be...
  5. PaulR


    Eastham eh? You must know the Savin family? Pat is a friend of mine, good guy. (or, Hey Pat! is that you?, lol)
  6. PaulR


    1) I'm surprised the Sheriff said you could not press charges for trespass. I thought if it was your property, you can trespass anyone you want. 2) I live Massachusetts (aka Liberal sh!thole). Sadly, I can count a few different instances there in your story where the trespasser would be...
  7. PaulR

    MaxLine RapidAir Garage Air Line Kits

    I have a kit in my garage going on 13 years now. Still working great. A few of the Quick attach bungs didn't work out of the box, replaced them. My only advice would be for a clean install, run a laser line to get the lines straight, get the hose tight and use mutiple clamps so it stays...
  8. PaulR

    Went over to the red side.

    I switched 8-10 years ago and it has been hit or miss ever since, mostly good. All batteries still functioning, But I'm a shadetree and not a really real working guy. 3/8 circ = Works but not powerful 3/8 ratchet = very weak, worthless almost 12V screwdriver = awesome, little sucker will rip...
  9. PaulR


    Yes. my version is different than the one in the pics above. It does have multiple guide wheels, and when I take it off it's easy to roll around itself for storing it. I will admit though, it is a finicky piece, you do in fact have to get the drive hight just right or it will dig in, stop, and...
  10. PaulR


    Post it up everywhere. Somewhere, you'll find someone who thinks this thing is the golden goose and will pay you for it. It may just take quite a while to find that person. I paid a couple thousand for mine brand new. I found it does not work well on uneven pavement so I'm holding on to it...
  11. PaulR

    BX New(?) hydraulic leak spot to watch

    2020 BX 23S, 90 hours, babied. I noticed a small puddle after plowing last night, poked around and saw wetness under the quick coupler. If you look at this pic you will notice the blue and yellow lines that come up into the manifold have worked their way loose, the washers there can be spun...
  12. PaulR

    Grapple Dos and Don'ts

    I've done more superficial and cosmetic damage using my grapple for 2 hours than I have done in all the other 92 hours of use. Again, that said, I will reiterate, the grapple is the most fun on your tractor that you can have with your pants on. YMMV.
  13. PaulR

    Just bought a BX? Check your front axle fluid!

    Yea what's up with the painted zerks? sloppy? Lazy? I asked the dealer and he was like "oh they meant to do that" I was like yea right.
  14. PaulR

    Pros and cons of snow removal options

    Agree. I was going to put in my 2 cents but there's like a whole dollar there to chew on. For me: Deeper snow I use the blower. I plowed today for the first time and yea, it's quicker than the blower. Heavy slush and light accumulations is really nice to have the plow. Both my plow and blower...
  15. PaulR

    Grapple /Third function not working

    Update: Solved. OP is an idiot. I checked wires at the end where the couplers are, didn't check the middle where it disconnects for when I take the bucket off. Carry on, nothing to see here. 😳:censored:🤪
  16. PaulR

    I may have stumbled onto something,,,

    spittin image of the really real Santa if I do say so myself . . . you just might want to update your avatar picture is all. ;)😁
  17. PaulR

    Grapple /Third function not working

    2020 BX 23S, 90 hours. Dealer installed Third Function. I played with it last year in the yard, worked fine. Never even wore the paint off the tines yet. Moving things around for winter, hooked it up, factory third function button lights up, but nothing. I only have the normal arm lift and...
  18. PaulR

    Compatible Front Mount SnowBlowers for BX

    I don't always check in here every day, but hopefully saturday when I have time I'll put it together and take a look/pic. I still have the bucket on.
  19. PaulR

    Delivery Disaster

    Wow. I saw that coming well in advance. NO excuse for that whatsoever, kids or not. I paused it so I don't know how it turned out, but I know this guy has a ongoing channel, I've seen a vid or two when I first got my tractor.