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    Stabilizers vs turnbuckle 3pt implements

    W/ my Cat II snowblower on my L5740 I have to be real careful where I stabilize it or it will rub. Am I causing problems by forcing it into two round holes? It takes a lot of monkeying around and leaves absolutley no wiggle room. Sometimes I can't seem to get both to line up with the round...
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    Renting rear PTO rototiller?

    For some reason the Bobcat dealer here in town rents these. No idea how you'd use one on a skid steer, but they do. I'm not sure if it's Bobcat sanctioned or just the side hustle of the kids that work there (but it is advertised on their web page). I did end up buying, the one I rented from...
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    Hydraulic top link

    Thanks, that's what I thought but am not seeing that in the picture. I guess it's a generic pic. Thanks again,
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    Hydraulic top link

    What is meant by "90 degree ball"? That is, what is the difference between this (with 90 degree ball) and this (without)? If it means what I thought it meant, one of the pictures is wrong?
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    Help me decide

    A battery powered gun makes greasing much more enjoyable. Before I would put it off (then grease everything in sight when I finally got it out). The M12 is nice and easy to get around with. I've also used a Dewault (bulkier, but higher pressure). The M12 will push grease on a cool day here...
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    New purchase, concerns with dealers...

    I'd rather be broke in the woods than flush in LA. I'd say you're doing pretty well.
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    Is it me or is Kubota becoming overpriced???

    Yeah, I'm in need of 2 used cars right now. Been putting it off for a couple of years. I told myself I wouldn't even look again until April. Who the heck is buying all of this stuff at these prices?
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    How wide for rear blade

    OK, I ended up with a Bison, 8 foot, but one of their lighter blades and one that needs unbolted to offset. I agreed to buy the much beefier 7 footer that offset over a month ago, but was met with excuses for why I couldn't pick it up for over a month. By then the Bison guy had returned my...
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    Hills and Hydrostatic Transmissions

    I"ve been moving deep thick snow with my HST the last couple of weeks. If I remember that it's a hydro pedal and not a foot feed it works amazingly well. I haven't had this tractor for that long and this is the first year I've really internalized that. (Less snow previous years and snow is my...
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    Very dumb pto drive shaft question

    Yeah, I'm also in the "not happy" camp unless I can till the white stuff
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    Is it me or is Kubota becoming overpriced???

    I'd also appreciate you guys not making fun of my welds so much.
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    County Line Tiller....

    I'd go for it. Initially I had the tiller in the "rent, don't buy" category but it's hard to plan in advance and if you do that's the weekend everybody else wants to rent the only tiller in town. If the weather lines up and it needs tilled you can knock it out on a whim. With a small...
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    Used MX5800 vs L5740

    Congrats. I'd change the other fluids ASAP (looking for metal, but I bet you won't find any) and "drive it like you stole it" for the next two weeks to uncover any powertrain issues. Also betting you won't find any. Excellent,
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    Used MX5800 vs L5740

    I'd look real hard at the engine oil. Maybe even make the sale subject to no metal in the oil, and then drain it and check with a magnet before paying? I doubt a seller would go for that, but you could ask.
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    What tractor for 26 acres?

    Talked to a lot of hay-guys at the red diesel pumps this summer . Fuel cost was a definite concern.
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    Fel hydraulics

    Run ‘em all the way out and then check the fluid level?
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    How wide for rear blade

    I would mainly use it to drag gravel back to the center of the driveway, slide sloppy April (May?) snow out of the barnyard to lessen mud season, and to push the snow farther out (like you said). I have a box blade, but it's still easier for me to put the final crown on with an angled blade...
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    Wiring lights to battery help

    I would suggest a fuse in there, as close to the battery as possible. At least a fusible link if you need a lot of juice. I agree with RMS--take the terminal off now in a warm barn with lights, not "later" in a cold, dark, wet, windy place. That said, I'd go to the alternator end of that...
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    Used MX5800 vs L5740

    I have a 5740, and can confirm that there is no DPF or DEF. Many say it's not a big deal, and in NC you probably won't have an issue. Most of the big problem$ I hear of are in the winter (and winter is cold here, -20F is common and -35F is not unheard of). I really like my 5740, but I think...
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    Buyer Beware: MOWER KING Smooth Compactor #SSVR72

    Don't badmouth "standards". Standards are awesome. The best part is that there are so many to choose from! :)