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  1. Mr. K

    Bad Server Performance

    Ok things are looking pretty stable at the moment. Think we are getting close to what the existing hardware configuration can give us, will need to upgrade in the not-distant future.
  2. Mr. K

    Bad Server Performance

    Ok things are looking more responsive after we made some optimizations (growing pains!). Let's see if these hold...
  3. Mr. K

    Bad Server Performance

    Hey everyone - OTT's server is not performing well at the moment, slow page loads (or none at all). We're debugging with the hosting company at the moment. Hang tight!
  4. Mr. K

    Two New Mods! 85Hokie and whitetiger

    Hello OTT members and visitors! Very happy to announce that we have two additional moderators here on the site to help keep things tidy and in shape. Please welcome 85Hokie and whitetiger as your new mods here on OTT. Both are long-time and experienced OTT members, joining in 2013 and 2011...
  5. Mr. K

    BEST BUY pop up ads

    Hey everyone - are these ads still being intrusive (more than ads typically are)? I can ping the ad provider network we use and ask them to be rotated away. Ads should not be taking over the screen or otherwise popping into the main part of the forum here on OTT.
  6. Mr. K

    Help from admin

    Hey there, I can help out. Can you private message me what you need / what you'd like your information updated to? I can update on the backend from there. Thanks!
  7. Mr. K

    Toxic add

    Hmmmm ok I'll take a look here. Anyone else seeing this too? If so, what browser and device are you using to review the site with?
  8. Mr. K

    Unexpected Downtime This Morning

    Ok a small number of settings have been adjusted/tuned here. Site is responding well to them so far. Think we are probably good here for now. Give me a heads up if you notice anything strange (eg. site not responding to requests, taking a long time to load).
  9. Mr. K

    Unexpected Downtime This Morning

    Hey everyone - Quick heads up that we are investigating some unexpected downtime this morning, that continues to periodically pop up. We are on with the hosting site not to investigate and uncover the root cause. Hang in there!
  10. Mr. K

    frozen nuts on front tire 1979 Kubota L295DT 4WD

    This issue looks to have been posted twice. Let's redirect everyone over to this thread instead which seems to have more replies. Locking this one.
  11. Mr. K


    Happy birthday America! Happy (belated) Canada Day to our Canadian visitors!
  12. Mr. K

    OTT website issues

    Hmmm anyone else noticing this? Still ongoing?
  13. Mr. K

    Looks like the Canucks are pushing back

    Think this thread has run its course.
  14. Mr. K

    Admin help... any to be had?

    Think we got this looked after last week, locking thread.
  15. Mr. K

    admin help, is there any to be had?

    Hey Ray, I'm around, sorry for the delay here. Could you please private-message more details and we can get you going. Thanks.
  16. Mr. K

    Comment by 'Mr. K' in media 'Foggy Morning in WA'

    Nice pic!
  17. Mr. K

    Site Downtime in Coming Days

    If you just got disconnected a minute ago, that was me! Don't be alarmed. Ok, I think site is in good shape here. Let me know if you notice anything odd.
  18. Mr. K

    Site Downtime in Coming Days

    Ok server flip completed earlier today with minimal downtime. Checks on my end look alright. Anyone notice anything broken or different (that was not broken or different than before)?
  19. Mr. K

    Site Downtime in Coming Days

    Hey everyone - we need to make site upgrades that will require about a day of downtime, possibly as early as tomorrow or in the coming days. Will know soon. Perfect opportunity to go out and go for a walk eh? Mr. K