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  1. arml

    BX Front Grill Guard

    This is what I use.
  2. arml

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Nothing....too cold and, wet.
  3. arml

    Help runaway diesel.

    Do not use your hand to block off intake if you have a runaway.
  4. arml

    Nothing getting done

    I've been trying to get some things done but, the fields are so wet, can't even make it across to the woods...guess I'll just kick back and, crack open that fine bottle of Bourbon Yep....relax time.
  5. arml

    How to dig a trench

  6. arml

    Firewood Cart

    I use an old Penn Dot trailer with a steel diamond plate floor, strong holds quite a load, I use the manual winch to pull logs out in tight rocky spots and load it on the trailer. Best part is I bought it for $50. Steel on it and the axle are well worth that.
  7. arml

    BX Still has that sticky pedal

    Thanks for the replies, I'll look at it closer.
  8. arml

    BX Still has that sticky pedal

    How do you adjust this thing? keeps moving forward unless I step on the reverse pedal. 2200....some close calls avoided.
  9. arml

    BX replacement tires for turfs

    That's what I did, 4 tires with rims , $550 out the door from what I recall. Great deal.
  10. arml

    Simple repair, but frustrating

    Good thing about that is, it's easy to fix if you know how and, you knew how. ;)
  11. arml

    No way, no how...

  12. arml

    BX replacement tires for turfs

    R14's work well for me.
  13. arml

    Chainsaw banana bar question

    Thanks all for the replies. I'll check out the site suggestion. I've no intention of using the bar, I think it would instead benefit a collector.
  14. arml

    Repelling / Deterring Beavers

    I've had beaver problems many moons ago, met my wife, settled on this beaver pet....end of story. lol
  15. arml

    Chainsaw banana bar question

    I've had this bar new when I bought (1980) my ORANGE:cool: Tanaka chainsaw, never used that bar, it is new. So someone wants to buy the bar and, I have no clue how to price it, I'm told they are a rare collectible. Any thoughts? The saw by the way is still working making firewood and, such...
  16. arml

    I devalued my tractor

    Pray tell...LOL
  17. arml

    I devalued my tractor

    Seems to me you added a lot of premium options which would increase it's value......forget the green paint. LOL
  18. arml

    Does anyone Collect Antique Cars?

    do miss some...
  19. arml

    A little whine anyone?

    "Lady without insurance got a ticket." Better call Saul
  20. arml

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today? it squared away. I was moving brush with the bucket and, a log came up from the bottom ,broke the upper cylinder fitting flush to the nipple. Easy out would not move it just kept making chips. So...I took a hacksaw blade, ground it thin enough to fit inside the fitting. Cut two slots...