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    MX5100 HST will not travel

    How many hours? Did you drive it around before purchasing? Did you get it from a dealer? It's strange that after running fine and only being off for 10 minutes something failed, I believe it may be something simple. Does everything else function properly i.e., FEL, PTO, power steering? How does...
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    Flat face coupler or ISO 7241-1 coupler for Land Pride Grapple???

    I also prefer flat face, but everyone has their preference. Whichever one you decide to use, poppet or flat face, purchase the correct size inlet threads and orient the couplers (male/female) to ensure your controls buttons remain as you prefer.
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    Sod Cutter

    Looking good, I suggest adding two 8 inch discs with sharpened edges to the end of the axle to cut the sod at the sides. Will the blade be square to the sod or on a skew? Ensure there's enough room for the sod to pass through the uprights carrying the assembly. Will you need weights to keep the...
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    Advice from experts on M4500DT : Rebuild or DIY or Sell

    How many hours on the tractor? You're already in the game another thousand changing fluids/filters, new glow plugs, injectors, set valves, perform a compression test pending results perform a leak down test oil pressure, drain fuel tank, change fuel filter. it certainly won't hurt to get...
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    How to properly size a culvert for Drainage ditch..?

    Besides plastic or sprial metal pipe, consider checking with a scrap yard for used pipe or if there's a plant that makes RCP and Arch pipe they may have second for a good price. I believe multiple pipes would be better. No mater what you go with, per the pictures you will need lots and lots of...
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    I'm sure they were just sight seeing after Mardi Gras
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    Toolbox Hot Items

    Calender?????????? If you keep adding tools and equipment your tractor will look like the Joad's truck in the Grapes of Wrath movie.
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    Hyd hoses

    When needing hdraulic hoses I perfer to have a qualified shop make them up to ensure proper fit. Check the condition of the other hoses and make the trip worthwhile. The last thing I want is to have hose shipped in and have it be wrong i.e., fittings, length.
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    Footprint in the garage of a BX23s with bucket and backhoe.

    With the measurements being talked about, it sounds like a garage addition/expansion with a lean to for the trailer may be you next project.
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    Just puchased 6 acres, now what??

    I believe this was posted a while back and has some ideas. 60x40 Barndominium Walkthrough/Tour (Shop House, Garage With Living Quarters) - YouTube
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    Winch on my 2601

    Cables/snatch blocks/chains and log chokers work for me, no batteries required. The tractor does the pulling.
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    What's this ? Old timers

    The slide rule is what got us to the moon!
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    Drawbar fixtures

    Purchase a hammerstrap and use a pin. I machined my holes out to 1.125" from Kubota's 25 mm so I can use a 1" common pin on my tractors.
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    Pull type mowers

    It may be more cost effective to purchase a used 7' sickle mower and set the height wherever you like. I use a 7' John Deere 350 for the ditches and ponds.
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    B26 lost power to starter

    If you're jumping from the positive of the battery to the start terminal of the starter and it doesn't crank check the battery ground wire on both the battery and where it connects to the engine and ensure that you're getting 12 volts to the starter main terminal.
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    Pricing and raising the price after you pay?????

    It would seem that once the factory order is placed and accepted, the price shouild be locked in. If a factory accepts orders with no materials in hand to produce the product they have no incenative to hold down material cost, it's like an opened ended check book(reference my wife). Would you...
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    D722 Rebuild

    When you preformed the compression test , did you add a little squirt of oil to see if the compression came up, which may/may not elimate the rings, did you rework the head?
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    RTV 900 Broken Glow Plug Removal

    Before trying any type of extraction tools, I'd suggest blowing out the crevice and soaking with a good penetrant, install the other glow plugs and warm the engine up. As always do as you feel is best, when installing I prefer applying anti-seize.
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    Campbell's soup

    I just purchased Cambell's turkey, chicken and beef gravy on sale for $0.50 a jar, it'll expire in March of 2024. I bought 24 and put a half a jar on top of the dogs, food they love it.
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    Ballast Box

    8" pipe, 6 foot long, 2- 20 foot chains with a log choker on one end and a grab hook on the other, two trailer positions (goose neck / bumper pull). 586 pounds. Works great backing filling ruts and slicking down roads. Not a lot hanging out the back when backing up in tight spaces.