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  1. DaveFromMi

    Solar Electric Fencer

    I use an A/C powered TSC charger rated for 50 miles. The output is ~2 joules. With barbed wire and 2-3 strands, it's enough to keep deer and other critters out of the garden. You might need more kick for bears. You will pay a premium for a solar charger.
  2. DaveFromMi

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    I tilt my seat over. Cats will go for the most comfortable spot.
  3. DaveFromMi

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    This guy has a unique method for downsizing tree trunks.
  4. DaveFromMi

    Robin's. Who's got them?

    There have been robins here since mid February. They came in during warm spell. The red wing blackbirds are back.
  5. DaveFromMi

    Hilly Farm Bushhogging

    Keep your FEL and 3-point implements as low to the ground as you can. Keep in 4WD when on hills. Tip overs can happen going sideways on a not so steep hill if you hit a rut or rock or other object. The tractor can get out of control on a muddy hill. I might be able to do 15-20° sideways under...
  6. DaveFromMi

    Here Kitty kitty

    We see a few in Indiana
  7. DaveFromMi

    Are they nuts????

    The article was definitely written to discredit Ford. We used a factory mode to avoid hammering the A/C compressor during the first startup.
  8. DaveFromMi

    Battery maintainers

    I use a Die Hard maintainers. They claim to have a de-sulfating mode. They have worked well for about 10 years...
  9. DaveFromMi

    Diesel fuel additive

    I use Pri-D. Power Service in the green bottle is good as well.
  10. DaveFromMi

    Inverter generator

    The main advantage of inverter generators is fuel savings. I recently got a Honda 3000iS. We lost power for a day and I ran 2 upright freezers, 1 small chest freezer, a large refrigerator and powered some electronics on it. It was quiet, but responded quickly to load changes. Used about 1.5...
  11. DaveFromMi

    Paging Dr. Hackenslash.....Paging Dr. Hackenslash.......

  12. DaveFromMi

    Paging Dr. Hackenslash.....Paging Dr. Hackenslash.......

    I worked at one of the OEMs doing HVAC and cooling development. They issued a TSB for this issue. The fix is a special cooling fan clutch. The plow would create air currents such that the disengaged fan would spin backwards or not at all. The clutch oil would pump out of the labyrinth causing no...
  13. DaveFromMi

    Exotic invasive plants, and what to do about them

    I have an annual battle with multifloura rose, blackberry, bush honeysuckle, autumn olive, Japanese honeysuckle, tree of heaven, poison ivy, and several other thorny bushes that don't belong here. I buy concentrated triclopyr from TSC. It works better that glyphoshate for these tough plants...
  14. DaveFromMi

    Air Conditioning tests on L5030

    I am assuming that Kubota uses TXVs to control evaporator pressures since there is a sight glass. If properly charged, the evaporator outlet temperature should be slightly warmer (still cool) than the evaporator inlet. If there is a large difference between evap inlet and outlet (outlet line...
  15. DaveFromMi

    Red-Tailed Hawk's Nest

    The other day, a coopers hawk flew into the pole barn rafters and couldn't figure out how to exit. It was a handsome bird, looked like a big parakeet. The cats were intent on having him for lunch and were in the rafters stalking him. I tried to shoo him out, but he couldn't figure out the exit...
  16. DaveFromMi

    More snowblower issues

    Doesn't seem to be any downside risk in trying to hammer our the shape of the impeller. You will need to eliminate most of the vibration due to imbalance or other components might break. If you fail, then get a new one. Is the housing bent as well? Should maintain a consistent gap between...
  17. DaveFromMi

    Alec Baldwin facing prison and shouldnt be.

    Firearms and hunter safety training should be taught in the schools in order to prevent other Baldwin's from getting out there.
  18. DaveFromMi

    L3902 - Implement Limits for Harrows

    I was going by PTO minimum power requirement. I think the L3901 max PTO Hp is 33.
  19. DaveFromMi

    L3902 - Implement Limits for Harrows

    If you get a width to cover the width of your tires, maybe some more, you should be good to go. Probably should run it in 4WD with loader attached. Updated: Looks like you need the 152 model.