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  1. Cstock5468

    LX2610 w/ Cab - Light Switch for Worklights

    L3560 Cab - I installed new LED work lights to replace the factory installed front and back work lights, so the respective switches were already there, just had to wire the new lights (used splice and crimps, weather sealed). They made a big difference in lumens and brightness. I also added...
  2. Cstock5468

    Rear Chains on

    Thanks -
  3. Cstock5468

    Snow and Ice studs

    I am thinking of getting studs for my front tires and here is a website that sells them specifically for studding all things gripping the road. I included a pic of my front tire with potential stud placement. The website has recommended sizes...
  4. Cstock5468

    Rear Chains on

    Thanks DB73, I have similar rear tires with the big dealer supplied chains that ride across treads and in between them. Good traction, but terrible ride. Can you refer to where you got those chains? I may switch over.
  5. Cstock5468

    Snowblower Gravel adapter

    Hello justasquid, thanks for your post. I have same issue with my skid shoes digging into the hard pack, particularly early in the season. Can you describe what you did for adding the wider steel to the shoes? I was thinking the same. The galv pipe add looks great and seems to essentially acta...
  6. Cstock5468

    LED light bar install

    Was frustrated that headlights did little when FEL was on and it was dark and that the work lights did not help much. Installed LED light bar on front and back and replaced the work lights with LED versions (whole lamp, not just bulbs). What a difference! I used easy to install light bar...
  7. Cstock5468

    Rear Snow Blowers used with Cab Tractors

    i have the front end SB and pair it with Rear Blade. I have a 1/4 mile drive, mostly hard pack with some blacktop once near the house. Glad I did front due to length of the driveway. It does act like a rudder and one needs to be careful. I keep the skid plates down so blower does not pick up...
  8. Cstock5468

    Add-On LED lights. Are Relays No Longer Needed On Tractors like the BX2380 ?

    Thanks for your notes and sharing. I would like to add a LED light bar and use the 12V feed to the front work lights but use a relay to avoid over drawing the circuit. I added up all the amperage from the work lights and the LED bar and it is 13.5 on a 15 amp fuse. I do not need to have it go...
  9. Cstock5468

    Add-On LED lights. Are Relays No Longer Needed On Tractors like the BX2380 ?

    THanks for sharing that information. I plan on adding a 8.3 amp LED light bar to my L3560 along with replacing the 4 work lights with LED versions of them. The work lights are not an issue as they rate lower in amperage than the ones I am removing. I have a separate switch and relay that...
  10. Cstock5468

    LED lights L3560 LE

    For my L3560, I will be replacing all 4 work lights with 15W LED lights (5 amp total for all four) with much higher lumens. Also will be adding LED light bar in front as headlights do not help at all when working at night or in dark conditions due to front attachment. I expect the front light...
  11. Cstock5468

    2414 Error during Regen L3560

    Thanks for the information as I was working my L3560 good and hard with AC on also! Mostly brush hogging up inclines in low gear with 4wd engaged. I got the P2414 error cose and engine warning light after about two hours of operation. I turned off and let it cool off for a it. The error code...