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    BX2680 - Did I go too small?

    I'm wondering if the additional weight would be a benefit. I'm also trying to clear brush with this and find it difficult and tedious to remove it. It doesn't like uprooting things, just bends them over or breaks them and leaves annoying little stubs.
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    BX2680 - Did I go too small?

    Everything I'm running is 48", what was bought with the tractor. I generally run in low when I'm working. If I'm just moving back and forth transporting then I'll be in high, 4WD stays on for the most part. One example, I had some fill dirt delivered for some driveway repairs. I can get about a...
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    BX2680 - Did I go too small?

    I bought a BX2680 with loader in August, starting to wonder if I went too small? My biggest issue is the power, or lack of it. Everything from brush cutting, to dragging a box blade, to digging. It just seems to me that the hydraulics on this thing are under powered. Should I have went to the L...
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    I had a similar issue, there's a dial underneath the seat for the 3 point hitch pressure. I inadvertently turned it all the way down one day. Check and make sure a kid hasn't been turning knobs.
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    First service at 50 hours

    Bought mine in August, 38 hours on it now. I should have 50 somewhere around Thanksgiving, depends on if I can get ahold of a grapple before then. If so, I'll hit 50 the first weekend I have it, lol.