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    Kabota L2350DT - Adding Loader . This looks like a Kubota forum to me. You??
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    Kabota L2350DT - Adding Loader

    yES, THIS LOOKS LIKE MY l2350. Yes, this is how my L2350 is laid-out. I did find some info up here about the block, it's part number is L1792. I have searched the Internet and cannot find ANY information about the part or anyone that has one.
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    Kabota L2350DT - Adding Loader

    I was looking into adding a loader to my old Kabota. It appears to not have a front hydraulic block, just pressure to the PTO and return to the TANK. An OUTPUT from the PTO to what looks like a relief valve then to the Power Steering and a return. Is there a place/method to tap into the lines...