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    Rake or Box Scraper or Grading Scraper

    Purchasing a new L3902 for our land in Humboldt, CA. The property consists of 15 acres of pasture land and 35 acres of redwood forest. It's my second Kubota and second tractor. But I'm really a beginner user of the tractor in Humboldt. The pasture land has not been maintained for 15 years and is...
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    Looking to buy a new or used L3902 0r 3901 opinions?

    I have settled on a L3901 or L3902. I'm in CA, and thought a low hour one would be available. But, it seems sellers are asking new prices for used tractors. I'm looking for less than 5 years old and less than 300 hours, but with the prices and Kubota offering % financing and of course getting a...
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    Tractor Starts then won't start;Voltage regulator?

    Starts after being parked for one hour. But if warm or just started and then shut off won't start again for an hour or so; when key is turned it just clicks ounce and the starter does not engage-just one click, turn the key again one click. But this happens even if the tractor is started and...
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    Tractor Starts then won't start;Voltage regulator?

    I have a B8200 I think 1987, anyway after sitting it starts and runs great; however after I shut it down it will not start again until after one hour; the starts again? What is my problem? the tractor mechanic said I may need the voltage regulator changed out? Thanks!
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    Loader Bucket wont hold position

    How difficult is it to rebuild the cylinders and replace all hoses?
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    12.4 x 16 tires

    BIG THANKS!!! My first post and help within 24 hours. I really appreciate the sources and will start contacting the companies tomorrow.:)
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    12.4 x 16 tires

    Hi All, Newbie here just purchased a small vineyard in Temecula and with the property I got a B8200 and it needs new rear tires 12.4-16. These tires seem impossible to find; can I use a 13.6 tire instead of the 12.4-16 on the stock wheels? Or can I use turf tires; we do not have much mud. Just...