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  1. JP_Austin

    Flat Face Coupler

    Ive had the grapple sitting in the sun and it was impossible to connect the lines after the temperature built up some pressures in the system. I waited for it to cool off later and it went togther just fine. I could have burped the lines with a socket and a hammer but I just waited.
  2. JP_Austin

    Question(s) about tending a brush pile fire with the tractor.

    That and don't burn in windy or very dry conditions. I have been waiting nearly 8 months to burns some mesquite piles. I will use the grapple to get it all together. Mow around the pile nice and short. Like others said just use a shovel and rake to maintain things. I am lucky while running the...
  3. JP_Austin

    Kubota M6060HFC, 2019, AC compressor sqealing...

    Kubota settled on solid adjusters to maintain tension. Most automotive belts use spring loaded or hydraulic tensioners that tend to self adjust. The old school solid adjustment is simple but not necessarily maintenance free. Glad to hear it quieted up. Only downside to this method of tension...
  4. JP_Austin

    MX5200 POR06 code

    I'd diagnose the no start a bit better. Getting a second opinion from a known expert on this model will be key. Loading up the parts cannon can be very expensive and ECM's are not going to be cheap. Was there any damage done to it recently? Animals chew into the wiring? A short circuit can take...
  5. JP_Austin

    M4-071 Lights

    Believe those are running lights when the headlights are on. I have the M4D-071 as well and only ran the lights once in six months of ownership as I was mowing at sunset. I recall the lower lights were on. See also the pics here...
  6. JP_Austin

    BX 2200 Bogging Down in Forward Up Hills

    Glad you figured it out!
  7. JP_Austin

    BX 2200 Bogging Down in Forward Up Hills

    How tight were the brakes when you assembled it with the new diff? I had an older machine where the brakes tended to drag more going forward than reverse and an adjustment of the preload was able to fix that. Not saying you have the same issue but may be related. Any trouble with just rolling...
  8. JP_Austin

    Anyone here serious about coffee?

    Ive had everything from a simple drip type filter and cup to a super automatic under intense pressure machine. The Super-automatic was OK but pricey. I used that machine for about 15 years and finally got tired of fixing/maintaining it every 6-9 months. I went cold turkey and back to a simple...
  9. JP_Austin


    I went wit the M4D-071 and have not regretted it. Yes it has a few creature comforts and if I tried to add that to lesser packages it was the same price or more. Im not getting any younger and wanted those features. As for not having a HST... this is exactly the reason I went with a standard...
  10. JP_Austin

    Picture of your tractor on your trailer

    Example of fitting 10 pounds of stuff into a 5 lb bag. This was the delivery. Guy driving the truck said it was a handful and that was a F350.
  11. JP_Austin

    Cheap way to add a blue tooth radio to a kubota cab tractor

    Yeah I used this one: It's only about 2" deep so no real issue with support. I used the adapter from EBAY HERE: Took about 10 minutes with the soldering iron to...
  12. JP_Austin

    The right way to engage pto

    Yeah that is similar to mine with the electrically operated PTO. I have a big bat wing that is tough to get started at idle with this setup. I end up running the RPM to about 13-1500 RPM and pop the button. It's a bit abrupt but not terrible. Slowing down I can run it down to near idle speeds...
  13. JP_Austin

    M6060 low hydraulic pressure

    Did you eliminate the simple things like enough hydraulic oil in the system? ... Ahh I re-read the first post and I did see where you changed the filter and put in new oil. Does sound a bit like the pump
  14. JP_Austin

    Tractor seats

    I've got the Grammar air ride in my M4D and love it. I'm still learning all the adjustments on it but in rough terrain it's a breeze. They are pricey to retrofit into machines so consider that.
  15. JP_Austin

    New M4D noise on startup

    Was the alternator belt after all. Tightened it up a bit and now starts are normal and quiet. I think it was the new belt just getting worn in a bit and there does not seem to be any automatic tension system on the belt.
  16. JP_Austin

    Anyone running a tractor with the 540/540E PTO?

    I've got eh 540/540E on my M4D. Seems to be nice when mowing and the bat wing isn't loading the unit up badly I toss it in the 540E and lower the RPM. Seems to be saving some fuel but it's marginal at best.
  17. JP_Austin

    Burned 4WD Solenoid

    Odd one. If the coils are the same ohm range then I would expect them to heat up exactly the same. As the coil heats up if there is an internal weak spot in the insulation I could see it going very hot and not working well on the valve. I suspect that the failing coil has weak insulation and...
  18. JP_Austin

    Cheap way to add a blue tooth radio to a kubota cab tractor

    Timely as I am looking to put in a radio in my M4D. Looks like I need the 9 pin adapter and that is about it. The manual states you need to have a support plate. Have not tried to remove the panel yet so not sure if it's already included or that is another item I need to pick up. BTW - Yes...
  19. JP_Austin

    Accident To Share

    Thanks for the story. I can not remove my grapple like yours is shown. If I tried to remove it with the quick attach it would rock backwards. I have to remove mine like in this video where it's open and there is no chance of the arms dropping off.
  20. JP_Austin

    New M4D noise on startup

    Yeah I will check the belts but it didn't sound like a belt squeal.