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    Looking for a good used radiator for L3800 Kubota 4x4

    Ok, thanks guys , I've got my tractor loosened up and turning freely now, thanks Marvel Mystery oil. Once I get the radiator in I'll start making smoke, she's been left in the woods for a few years and nothing done to her. I'm getting close to using this tractor again for what she was...
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    Looking for a good used radiator for L3800 Kubota 4x4

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a good used Radiator for my L3800 Kubota tractor, The part # 420-16000 is what was given to me from dealership, A new one is $720.00 plus shipping. If any of you has one let me know, thankyou for the help.
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    Kubota L3600-4200 Parts

    I'm looking for a radiator for my L3800 . Part # TC420-16000 if you have it or know where I might find a good used one. It's almost $800 new so I'm looking hard for a used one.
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    Radiator for kubota tractor

    I need a radiator for my L3800 , Ill do some number checks on my old radiatior and see what I can come up with, if I can make it fit ill buy it, thanks, Steve
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    SOLD ALL - Kubota Radiators - Several Sizes

    I need a radiator to my L3800, Ill send you pics and sizes and see if something might fit my old tractor out of your pile, thanks, Steve
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    Kubota L3800 for sale, need pricing help

    A lot depends on what region you live in . Tractors differ in price depending on where you live, when you decide on what you need for your equipment, post it and state whether you can deliver or self pickup , that sometimes detemines pricing.
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    new to the orange world

    whats PM mean ?
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    new to the orange world

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, I'm a super heavy CAT mechanic and just bought a Kubota L3800 thats been sitting in the woods for a long while, I'm gonna bring her back to life and use as a finish mower on my place until she or I give out first, I haven't yelled for help yet but will be...