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    Keep it in 4WD!

    I dropped off a hill with my little BX and a bucket full of dirt I do think I hit and pulled every lever and pedal on that tractor but could not drop the bucket or the chisel plow for a anchor on the back until it stopped about 25 yards down the dirt road. The brake pedal did absolutely nothing...
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    Leaky quick coupler

    My new BX2680 started leaking from what looked like the bottom fitting on the quick connect. I removed the fittings on the half that's mounted to the tractor after removing the FEL and each fitting had what looked like a little rubber gasket sealer used at the factory on something in the...
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    Cheaper Bolt on hook option for BX tractors?

    The first hook shown from HF is rated at 10,000 lbs so it will for sure hold 5000 two of those are going on my bucket. A lot of items I see are way over rated, just use common since when lifting and stay safe.
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    Gravel Pick Up

    You guys got to try the big shop vac best thing ever two of the hard pipes on it and vacuumed it right up. Filled up a four foot tractor bucket in less than an hour and never bent over. I can clean up a large area in no time.
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    Push Button Start on L3450?

    Just fixen to do the same thing on my new BX2680 to bypass the start terminal on my key switch. Have already ran a wire from start terminal on key switch a year ago to starter solenoid because the stupid switches which are called safety switches failed withen two weeks. Im going to wire my start...
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    BX2680 Hydralic Leak on FEL connect

    Update removed the bottom plate and four quick connects pulled them out and blew thru each one with air compressor. One little piece of silicon rubber came out of one some type of gasket sealer inside the fluid, YIKES hope that's all of it. Put it all back together and defiantly slowed down the...
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    BX2680 Hydralic Leak on FEL connect

    Spoke with the Manager and mechanic at the dealer today said they have not had or saw this problem but offered to get the parts under warranty to fix it for two years on these items. Im at 11 months so still under warranty. Going to clean and recheck tomorrow to be 100 on where the leak is...
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    BX2680 Hydralic Leak on FEL connect

    I have a leak where the front end loader four lines connect to the tractor. Not the hose connections top or bottom but where it goes together and pushes the pins down. Was wondering if anyone has a fix for this problem or has had this issue. Its dripping pretty good as soon as I connect and lock...
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    Starting Issue Dealer Cant Find

    Take a test light or volt meter and find the hot wire in start position from your key switch. Cut that wire and run straight to your starter solenoid on starter. Wamo problem solved and now you know for sure its one of the plastic safety switches making you cuss. Now don't do nothing stupid...
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    A different quick hitch

    Thanks guys looks like that top link adapter will work on my scrape blade as well as the root cutter. I was in harbor freight yesterday and noticed their quick hitch sitting on display. Looks like the same one from agri supply but can be purchased $40 bucks cheaper. I'm a little skeered of...
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    New property cleared - sticks and debris removal

    I cut a three acre tract and removed the big stuff with chain saw for fire wood cutting the stumps low piled up the limbs and left the little stuff for mulch. After the small sticks and debris dried out I adjusted the rotary cutter to the high cut and chopped it up. Next and each cut will be...
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    Weighting rear tires and ballast box

    Another vote for the box blade makes a world of difference. I fill the bucket and box at the same time and move twice as much dirt. My ripper tine home made cultivator works just as well and will bust up hard packed dirt if need be while filling the bucket from the last pass. Looks like the...
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    A different quick hitch

    After purchasing my BX2680 w/FEL and RC48 rotary cutter six months ago then picking up five old 3 point implements to restore I find hooking them up a bit of a challenge and about 15 to 20 mins to get each one ready for use. Been looking at the land pride and Agri Supply quick hitch but have...
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    BX2680 Brakes

    Does any one know if the BX2680 has brakes on the front as well as the back ? And I guess these are wet disc brakes that work from inside the HST ? That's what makes me think it has no brakes on the front.
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    Bx24 electrical issues

    If your battery is putting out close to 13 volts then remove all your ground wires where they connect to engine block and frame clean them and the metal they contact. Then see if your still getting low voltage, if so start removing all positive connections clean them and check voltage at each...
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    So You Really Think You Can Repair Your Tractor...

    Any manufacture trying to stop the right to repair should be on the no buy list ASAP. Money talks and if we are stupid enough to buy from them we deserve what we get. THE SHAFT ! I just purchased the WSM from my Kubota dealer and can order any part I need. If that ever changes I will sell it.
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    Oil for sub compact tractor

    I found that full synthetic during brake in is a bad idea in any engine. The engine will not ware enough to fully seat piston rings. I run dyno oil for first few miles or hours to get engine broke in and then switch over to full synthetic after break in. Synthetic is so superior against engine...
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    BX24 hyd tran slipes

    Run it a few hours change it with the correct oil again and run it some more. Its a gamble but you have coated everything in the HST with oils that slip and have the wrong additives. The wet clutch material has absorbed that mess and will likely have to be replaced. All you can do is hope to...
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    Super UDT2 Hydraulic Oil

    And full synthetic oils leak a lot easier than dyno oil or semi synthetic. They are thinner less viscosity and super slick as well as having more solvents to clean as they work. If your engine trans or gear box will hold full synthetic it is super tight and in great shape. Full synthetic shows...
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    Easy BX HST fan replacement

    Here is the 2 inch hole right over the bolt. There is no way I would tear this tractor apart instead of cutting this hole. Quick and simple. On a side note the cv joints have a spring inside and will compress with a pry bar until it stops. It will not damage them to compress them. My ten year...