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    Front Mounted Weight Bracket

    Today, I installed the BX8064 weight bracket on the front of my BX22. I mounted a BL8060 55# weight on it, and proceeded to look through my nut and bolt cabinet for a bolt that will hold the weight to the bracket. Kubota makes a BL8062 bolt kit for it, but at $6.00 per kit, and needing 5 of...
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    What size suitcase weights?

    What size suitcase weight does the Kubota BX22 use. I know that there was a separate bracket for the weights, and I do have a drawing of it somewhere. I am going to need the front weights when I start using the rototiller. If I find the correct weights, I will build the bracket. thanks.. Dusty
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    Suggestion for new forum or sub forum

    Birthday, Anniversary, prayers, death notice, etc. Forum or sub forum to the Off Topic. Also, has a "Thanks" icon ever been considered? Lots of VBulletin forums use it to than those that make useful posts.
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    HST Whine

    I have been following the thread about filling the ROPS to lessen the hydrostatic transmission whine, and it started me thinking about what this "whine" is telling us. How much whine should the hydrostat make, and when is the whine indicating an imminent failure? My BX22 with about 775 hours...
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    Suitcase Weights - Used Value

    I am going to be shopping for some used weights, and was wondering what I should pay if I were to come across some suitcase weights. In the past, I have seen some yellow & green JD as well as orange Kubota weights, but at the time, I wasn't in the market. What would be a reasonable or fair...
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    What are you getting......

    What are you getting your significant other (all politically correct terms in use) for the present or upcoming religious holiday celebration? What got me thinking about this was this post in the joke thread. Now, I would like to show you what I have gotten for my "significant other" however...
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    Secondary Filters on Kubota BX & L Series

    I recently came across this Messicks Video ( about "Secondary or Safety Air Filters on Kubota Engines. Specific to BX and Standard L-Series", and I am very familiar with them, since my Vermeer Chipper uses the same type of filtering, but with a larger...
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    BX22 Seat source

    Searched the forums for information, and haven't found any recommendations. I even tried the site that was suggested on the thread about the B7100 Seat source, and that company doesn't have a seat listed for the BX22, and their website has limited listings for the BX tractors.
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    Rear remote valve

    I have a rear remote valve on my BX22, which is Kubota part number 70000-02619 that has stopped working. A new one is $312 from Kubota. This is a double acting single lever valve. My question is can this valve be added to or expanded to make it have 2 levers to control 2 cylinders? I have...
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    Wanted: BX K-Connect Hitch

    Need part of the BX K-Connect Hitch that mounts on the front of the tractor itself. Have all the rest of the parts that were attached to the hitch itself. Purchased a used snow blower and the hitch, but the parts that were mounted on the tractor were not with it.
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    Drift Cutters Yea or Nay

    Been thinking about making some drift cutters for when we get really deep snow. I used to plow with the storm, but now I rather just go out after it is finished snowing and clean it up all at once. A few times, I had to keep the snow blower (BX2750) a couple of inches off of the pavement, just...
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    Time to retire the BX22

    It has come to the time that I have to retire the BX22.. I am presently using turf tires almost exclusively, and my bar tires are still in relatively good condition, should I have a need for them. Looking for suggestions for a quality turf tire for both front and rear of the tractor. I...
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    BX Rear Wheel Measurement Needed

    I need the exact measurement of the hole in the middle of the rear wheel on a BX. The reasoning for this is that I have acquired a set of rear wheel spacers that are designed for the Jeep vehicles with a 71.5 mm hub. I want to machine a centric ring to fit over the Jeep hub on the adapter and...
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    Early BX 22/2200/1800 LED Headlamp

    MY BX22 has an incandescent glass 2 filament headlamp bulb, as pictured below. After a lot of searching, I have found this inexpensive LED replacement. It can take as much as 2 months to arrive from China, and I will let you know how bright they are. If you search eBay for " H4 Hb2 9003 Bulb...
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    Metric or USS on a BX22

    Are the wheel bolts on the BX22 (1800/2200) metric threads or are they USS fine threads? I know that the BX22 was manufactured in the USA, but I don't know if it is a mixture of US and Japanese parts. If they are metric, do you know the exact size? thanks
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    Need snow blower part number for BX23S

    I need the guides that the snow blower hydraulic hoses go through on the way to the couplers. These guides look like big springs and mount on the right side frame rail. I have searched for this part on the Messicks website to no avail. Possibly someone here will have the part number. Thanks...
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    BX2816 Snow Blower Question

    Today, I picked up a BX2816 snow blower for a friend, and it needs a new cutting edge. On this BX3816 snow blower, the cutting edge is mounted on the top side of the housing. I was looking at the similarities of the BX2816 blower, and my BX2750 snow blower, and noticed that on mine, the...
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    BX2750 Snow Blower Gear Lube

    When I last drained my snow blower gear box, I refilled it with 80-90W gear lube. Today, while watching a video about rebuilding snow blower gear box's, the person in the video suggested using "0 0" gear lube. Never heard of it before, but did do a Google search and found out that it is sold...
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    Dirverter Valve or 3rd Function Valve?

    What is the difference, and which one would be better for a grapple and a hydraulic chute cylinder on a Kubota BX22?
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    Wanted... BX Wheel Spacers

    Looking for wheel spacers for my BX22. Primarily looking for a set for the rear, but will also consider front spacers if you have either or both. Looking for a little more stability on the slopes. Please advise size, price, and shipping costs to 01550 by least expensive method. Thanks Dusty