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    Building a Trailer

    Hi guys, I am building myself a small trailer and I was wondering if any of you out there are good with trailers :) my question is this : I'm using a 4 way connection plug and I've now wire the whole trailer but before I hook up the 4 way harness to my wires I wanted to test them with a...
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    4 wheel drive possible problem ?

    Hi guys, so I have a B2620 and I don't know if the 4x4 is engaging properly any more ? is her a quick test someone can do to find out if the 4x4 is working as it should ? Thank for any help on this Claude
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    Switching from "Ag" tires to "Turf"

    Hi guys, so when I purchase my B2620 2 years ago it came with the AG tires installed on and a second set of Turf tires and rims, now since my new property needed a lot of work I used the AG tires since the beginning until a couple weeks ago when I decided to switch them to the Turf ones since...
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    Build my own quick attach for B2620

    Hi guys, so I've decided to fabricate my own "quick coupler" which by the time I had bought the metal for it I found out about the "B1658" unit that you can buy for about $350.00 plus taxes here in Canada, but since I'd already plan my own and spent about $180 in metal I when ahead with my...
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    My B2620 ROPS lights - deconstructed

    I finally got a couple videos done of my ROPS lights showing all of it deconstructed and highlithing the details on how I constructed them and why the unit is built that way, I did 2 video cause I didn't know how big the file would be :) here's the link for both videos : Part - 1 ...
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    My B2620 Mods :)

    My B2620 Rops Lighthing and Mods :) Hi guys, So I've finally finish most of my mods and I'll try to share all of them with you on here with some pics and I'm trying to figure out the youtube video thing too :) so I'll post some video and try to explain the how I did things, where I got my...
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    PTO LInk for Mower deck

    does anyone have problem attaching the pto link to the under side of there tractor ? I have a B2620 and despite the fact that my dealer assure me that it's easy to do with one hand ..... well I've switch from backhoe to mower almost a hundred times now in the past 2 season and I've never been...
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    B2620 rops light connection

    I've read a few threads talking about rops lights and I'd like to do this to my B2620 too. My questions is I got a bunch of wires already running below my seat, how do I know if there is extra I can connect too from ? and I'd like to be able to have them run off the main head lights switch, is...