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    3 point sprayer

    I just bought the Fimco 40 gallon sprayer in hopes it does well for me next spring. End of Year clearance plus a $30/off anything coupon I figured I may as well try it out! If you get one, I hope we both end up with a good one! -Brad
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    Kubota bx first plow of the season

    Thanks for the video. I’m new to tractors and plowing, and this week I got to learn (practice) on the fly. Maybe 4” or so, asphalt drive with the FEL. First time using it. Beex commented on your leveling ability... I did NOT have that, lol. Still learning how much i should try to scrape the...
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    3 Point Core Aerators

    I’m not a Mr FixIt, but I like the idea of a 3pt aerator since i used a pull behind and next summer will be my first year with a BX. Any thoughts to convert a pull behind into a 3pt version or is that somewhat impossible? Again I have zero idea if this is possible. I don’t weld or anything like...
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    leaf vacuum power rake

    Orange crusher, does that thing chew up the leaves pretty well before getting to the bags? There’s not a secondary “chopper” anywhere is there, so all the cutting is still just the 3 blades on the mower? I have a bagger on my riding mower and it doesn’t so a very good job disintegrating the...
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    HST general question, BX1800

    bird dogger, I’m quite a ways east of your fam but yep, lots of fields around me. I’m not a farmer, but on the outskirts of town so there’s a fair amount of tractors nearby; I’m looking forward to joining them :) Unfortunately i had to leave it in the garage today and take the riding mower out...
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    HST general question, BX1800

    Thank you fellas for the recent replies. Troverman, you scared me when you were describing the 1880 being the “smallest, least capable....” but then you turned it around on me! That is the consensus that Ive read too, the 1880 hasnt let many people down and I dont believe it will do so for me...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Heya Utopia, they understood that I didn’t want to sign papers as it was, so they’re fixing it up and plan to deliver this Thursday. After looking it over then I can sign for it. I don’t have immediate need for it anyway, so it’s all good. Since it’s another few days, I’m having him get me...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Not quite mine yet, but yesterday I was going to take delivery of my new BX1880 w/loader and 54” mower. My local dealer had it delivered to them from another of their stores further away so I could get some seat time on it before taking ownership (I’m new to tractors). Well, the other store put...
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    Purchase price

    Hey Paul, are you saying you think 5-10% off MSRP is a great deal before or after all Dealer/Kubota incentives and rebates? I’ve read deals are dependent on several things, location, supply, etc. but just looking for your opinion. Thanks, Brad.
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    Bx wheel weights

    Sometimes we have to pay the price to get what we really want. Good find and I bet theyll look great when youre done with them. Looking good already! -Brad
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    HST general question, BX1800

    Thanks very much for the new replies everyone! I love your opinions and facts, etc. You guys know so much more than I do and so I value everything you have to say! @izp2222, no no I won’t be pulling anyone out of ditches. My driveway goes slightly uphill to the road. I left to work earlier than...
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    HST general question, BX1800

    @Roadworthy, the dealer looked at it and told me it needed a new transmission, $900. I said no, for now since it was still cutting. And now that they, nor JD, want to help, I no longer am interested in green stuff. Yes the 1880 will be overkill for cutting, but i hope to use it for more. I want...
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    HST general question, BX1800

    Hi gang, Im looking for some knowledge regarding transmissions. Im not an engine, motor, car, tractor guy so I dont know anything. Owned a push mower for 10 years, moved to an acre lot so bought a rider for the past 4 years and am now considering the BX1880. My question and more info... my...
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    Help can’t decide

    I’m of no help as I’m just learning about tractors and will be buying one soon... but I just wanted to say that you’ve made me feel better about looking at the 1880’s for my one acre. I know many people say a tractor is too much for an acre... but I’m sure no one here will!!! Good luck with...
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    Do most Kubota dealers just charge MSRP?

    Hiya, new here, found the site as I am pretty sure I willll be buying my first ever tractor (sub-compact). I am one of the guys moving up from a riding lawn mower JD x300. So i thought I would share my dealings so far regarding the OPs question. BX1880 with 48in mower deck. Kubota online...