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  1. GeoD

    RC60-24B Mowing Deck Parts List Manual

    Hi All. Looking for the RC60-24B mowing deck Part List manual? I downloaded and all the individual PDF files from Kubota and turn them into one complete parts list manual. Since this seems to be an odd ball model of mowing deck, I'm also looking for the RC60-24B WSM in PDF format. I checked...
  2. GeoD

    Kubota FEL toolbox

    I found this channel on YouTube. This guy does some great work. Checkout his other videos. bTI-qoXzqok
  3. GeoD

    Throwing some snow around

    Had to clear a path around the outside of the yard so we can walk the dog. The new FEL valve works great. Now I can operate the snow blower and drag plow separately. 3qAHBetwuvg
  4. GeoD

    Front snow blower hydraulics not working

    I apologize in advance for the long winded post. I purchased my B2100 last year with a B2660 front mounted snow blower. Last year I noticed when I pulled the control lever to lift the blower there were times it didn't response. I pushed the control lever forward and back again and most times...
  5. GeoD

    A man's fairy tale

    Once upon a time, a Prince asked a beautiful Princess, "Will you marry me?" The Princess said, "No!!!" And the Prince lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles and dated skinny long-legged full-breasted women and hunted and fished and raced cars and went to naked bars and dated ladies...
  6. GeoD

    Kmart offers free shipping...

  7. GeoD

    Kubota powered Moto Guzzi

    I thought this was pretty cool. I like how the engine is stock blue. It would be complete with a Kubota orange paint job. Now I know what to do with my engine if my tractor's body ever falls apart! :D u5YekcQiHv8 Geo D