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    10 hr. Service for L3901

    I'm at 21 hrs on my Kubota & forgot to perform the recommended 10 hr service (off to a good start). The manual recommends using a Molybdenum grease or "Moly EP" grease. I reviewed a vid where they indicated using a high temp multipurpose grease (polyurea). The DIY site shows using a NLGI #1...
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    BH77 Backhoe storage care

    I just got my L3901 with backhoe & box scraper. The backhoe was attached but for now, I switched out to the box scraper. I don't have a shed, yet, so everything is sitting in the field. I have the backhoe tarped where the seat is up to base of arm. Should I cover the entire implement to...
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    What is the difference between the BH70 & BH77 Backhoe?

    I received my L3901 tractor & dealer sent op manual for the bh70 backhoe but I got the bh77. What's the difference between the 2?
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    L3901 & BH77 Backhoe attached

    Would it hurt or impede the L3901 capabilities or operations if the backhoe were attached all the time? I know subframe kit protects tractor from damage but unsure if it was meant to support backhoe as permanent. When I get everything delivered next week, I was thinking of just keeping the...
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    L3901 4 in 1 loader bucket capabilities

    Does anyone have the 4 in 1 loader bucket? I'm wondering of the capabilities it has. On my property there are several piles where Juniper trees were cleared about 50 yrs. ago by the ranchers, thinking it would enhance grass growth for the cattle. Bad idea, doing this created erosion issues...
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    BH77 Bucket size, is one better than other 16" vs 12"

    After my shed is built for my L3901, I intend on getting a BH77. My land has few trees (42+ acres), will be adding hydrants and needing dirt to relocate in low lying areas. My question is would a 16" bucket be a better tool than a 12"? The distributor selling the backhoe said the 12" is...
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    What is the DT for the L3901DT?

    I can't find this online but what is the L3901DT vs L3901? I also saw an L3901E. Anyone know what the last letters mean on this tractor?
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    Tractor shed for L3901 - do you have dirt or ccrt floor?

    I ordered my L3901 tractor with a 4in1 bucket, box blade cutter (BB1266), and eventually will have BH77 backhoe after shed is built. I was wondering if anyone has a dirt or ccrt floor for their shed. For economysake, I was thing of having a dirt floor with gravel added for more stability. Any...
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    BH77 Backhoe on L3901 question

    I've ordered a L3901 with the subframe & 4in1 bucket fel and was going to order the backhoe in the next month or 2 after my shed's ready (scaling out shed to see what size is best). I'm trying to see if I should plan on space for the backhoe attached or keeping on tractor. Would the tractor be...
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    Is BB1266 scraper a good tool for grading?

    Need help! Is BB1266 scraper a good tool for grading? I ordered an L3901 including some implements - 4in1 bucket, 60" brush hog, bb1266 scraper & rear blade. The sales rep, basically, sold these for $.01 in negotiating a cash price. I have a driveway that's 750' long covered with dirty...
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    Hi all, I just started reading the threads on here & found them to be pretty interesting. I currently have an L3901 on order with the 60" rotary cutter, BB1266 Scraper 72" rear blade, and had a subframe install for the bh77 backhoe (which I will get in a cple months). Also, getting the top &...