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    Building a Trailer

    Hi guys, I am building myself a small trailer and I was wondering if any of you out there are good with trailers :) my question is this : I'm using a 4 way connection plug and I've now wire the whole trailer but before I hook up the 4 way harness to my wires I wanted to test them with a...
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    4 wheel drive possible problem ?

    Hi guys, so I have a B2620 and I don't know if the 4x4 is engaging properly any more ? is her a quick test someone can do to find out if the 4x4 is working as it should ? Thank for any help on this Claude
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    Pallet Fork Mods

    Nice pallet forks they look strong :) I just finish building my own set of forks for use around the house. Here's a link of mine : Not made to do real heavy stuff but i think strong enough for what my tractor can handle.
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    ROPS lights. Relay and switched power.

    Thanks so much so the thumbs up Bota :) There is a lot of people on here with way more skill and probably a lot better tools to work metal with than me, I try to show people that even with a cheap welder and a 4½" grinder you still can fab some stuff :) I try to have fun with it :) Thanks again.
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    ROPS lights. Relay and switched power.

    Hi BodaTrac, I totally get the part that you don't have enough room for anything additional in the fuse box that comes with the BX I got a B2620 and I had the same problem. So I decided to build my own external power unit :) see my video at this link ...
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    Switching from "Ag" tires to "Turf"

    Hi guys, so when I purchase my B2620 2 years ago it came with the AG tires installed on and a second set of Turf tires and rims, now since my new property needed a lot of work I used the AG tires since the beginning until a couple weeks ago when I decided to switch them to the Turf ones since...
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    kubota grey paint

    I've had real good luck with this one (see pictures) now I can't remember how I got that number but if you have a home depot in your area that is the number for the new Kubota Grey and it is as close as I ever got it to work and you have to be inches away really starring at it to notice any...
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    Build my own quick attach for B2620

    So to answer your questions "Wolfman" Why so many pin holders? I have 4 pin holders because as you mention i would only need 2 if I left a set of pins with each attachments, but I figure I'll only have a few things so that way if I remove my bucket in the back of the property i can than go and...
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    Build my own quick attach for B2620

    Nice setup "Alansz400" :)
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    Build my own quick attach for B2620

    Start of my new "quick bar" for future expansion Here's some pics of my new "quick bar" that I will use to expand on my system. I've already started some new forks design, a small set and a larger set that I will be able to pick up with this bar. And after that I'll have to think of future...
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    Build my own quick attach for B2620

    Step 10 to 12 I should mention that at this point I didn't finish my Sketchup tutorial but I'll be still posting pictures of the progress :) Here's a few pics of the almost totally finish unit with some pin holders I've decided to add on.
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    Build my own quick attach for B2620

    More pics with the bar in between Here's the unit almost completed with the bar in between, now I'll be posting more pics on what I did after, as I try to "pimp" it out a bit more by added a couple more features :)
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    Build my own quick attach for B2620

    More Pictures for following steps Yes I'll be putting a bar in between as you will see in the next few pictures :) this set of pics show the sides already cover but it show the start of my lip at the top to grab bucket. I have more information for the side stuff on my youtube channel and on...
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    Build my own quick attach for B2620

    Notes about my built so far So I should point out a few things I've done that are not showing in the tutorial and the pics, if you look at picture "Step-4 to 6 (5a) you see the holes I had drilled in order to tack weld the plate to main pcs, well I've decided to actually drill right through the...
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    Build my own quick attach for B2620

    Step 4 to 6 Here's step 4 to 6 and some more pics
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    Build my own quick attach for B2620

    Here's some pics of step # 3, I will post more steps i did in the next few days :) Now for some of you that rather follow all of this in video here the link of the first video of about 9 or 10 I have on the whole build, and I'm not done uploading them as I have modified a few things along the...
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    Build my own quick attach for B2620

    Hi guys, so I've decided to fabricate my own "quick coupler" which by the time I had bought the metal for it I found out about the "B1658" unit that you can buy for about $350.00 plus taxes here in Canada, but since I'd already plan my own and spent about $180 in metal I when ahead with my...
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    Wood Grapple Build

    Wow Yooper, after checking your pics I'm jealous :) most my life I did woodworking and I have several tools for that but since I bought my B2620 I have try to make my own mods and so far all I got is a 4½" grinder and a canadian tire 120V welder :) if I had access to the tools you have my wife...
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    My B2620 ROPS lights - deconstructed

    I finally got a couple videos done of my ROPS lights showing all of it deconstructed and highlithing the details on how I constructed them and why the unit is built that way, I did 2 video cause I didn't know how big the file would be :) here's the link for both videos : Part - 1 ...
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    B2650HSDC Tool/Storage box Fab

    Here's a large tool box I mounted on my B2620 to allow me to bring a lot of my tools when I'm out working on the property, I can fit my axe, weed eater (trimmer), chainsaw, can of gas and many other things in there, comes in handy when your several acres away doing work and not having to go back...