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    bx steering cylinder loose between clamps

    In the process of replaceing one of the steering hoses, I noticed the cylinder was loose between the 2 end brackets . These 2 brackets are supposed to have the cylinder squeezed between them but they had worn. Seeing a potential problem of eventually wearing the cylinder also, I ordered 2 new...
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    bx 2670 power steering leak

    There was a post recently about a power steering hose leak caused by the hose rubbing something and getting a leak in it. I was going to ck mine but never got the time but have been watching where I parked it. Last week it started. To make a long story short, the hose that goes to the right...
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    30-06 versus 526

    neighbor works at a steel store, brought me a piece of ar 400 steel plate for a target. Will it stand up to his 30-06?? Two shots and it is dented, don't think it will last. Brought my 556 bolt action out and surprise,, 2 shots and 2 holes. I expected the 556 to barely dent it. I used a soft...
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    Mystic jt5 hydraulic oil

    Through recent discussions, there were several of you that used Mystic j t5 hydraulic oil, including me. Went to tractor supply to get some and they did not have any. Called several other tsc stores and they did not have any. Searched internet and O'reilly was listed as haveing it. 4 phone...
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    preheat engine block diesel trucks

    How long do you guys preheat your engine blocks , ( not glow plugs) in 0 to 25 degrees f for starting? I have an f250 7.3. Sometimes it sets for a week or 2 before starting and I don't want to leave the block heater on all the time.
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    bx wheels dont interchange

    Sold my bx2230 several years ago. Had a full set of tires and wheels with turfs and r1's. Sold the bx with the turfs on it and kept the r1's. Bought a new bx 2670 and ordered the industrial tires with it. Noticed the front wheels looked different and cked the size. They were 10 inch and the...
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    Welding Chuckles AKA- Hot pajamas

    I have to share a stupid mistake and a good laugh. Was piddling around Sunday morning waiting for an emergency repairman ( fridge stopped working) and still in my pajamas. Remembered something I needed to weld, went to the shop and quickly got the job done. You guys that weld know what...
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    If you were God

    If you were God,, what 2 things in life would you get rid of? For me , it would be yellow jackets and spiders. I've been stung more by that one species than all others put together. I don't mind the spiders as much as I do their webs. Just irritating to walk into a big web and not know if it...
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    bx1800 w independent rear suspension

    Just saw an add on craigs list. Electronic fuel injection and independent rear suspension. Something sounds a lot of fishy.
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    Canada geese around the house

    I have a pond in my front yard, approximatly 1/4 acre. For the last 2 weeks, 2 geese have been stopping by and Sunday, they stayed all day. Is that a good thing or bad. I know they poop everywhere. If they stay too long, will they nest and next year I'll be covered up with them??
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    Ontario gone south

    Drove from Chatt Tn to Knoxville today. Unbelievable amount of vehicles on the road with Ontario tags. At one point, counted 12 in a row. Does all the people leave Ontario for Christmas and head south??
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    regeneration danger

    Just finished reading some info on the ford 6.4 power stroke and regeneration. Seems the regen adds extra fuel on the last part of the piston down stroke to get more fire into the exhaust to burn out the soot. This has a tendency to leave more fuel on the cylinder walls which eventually gets...
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    propane tank wanted

    Looking for a 250 gal propane tank, with regulator and must have the id tag. Nth Ga , Al or Tn.
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    Digging shallow well with phd

    Anyone done this. I've built a 3 ft extension to go on the top of the auger but was wondering if there was any problom lifting the auger from that far down. I know I'll have to get it up, prop it, disconnect the ext and rehook the auger to the phd. My water level is about 5 ft down, was hopeing...
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    post hole digger storage

    Anyone have pictures of how you store your phd. Just purchased one and this thing is a bear to handle. I've got it tied off to a tree limb for now but looking for something better.
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    kubota inn

    I purchased a new bx2670 in Ft Payne Al. 3 weeks ago. I tell you that so the following story makes sense. Was watching tv tonight with my wife and the commercial came on for trivago, the search for hotels sight. I said " Honey, search for a motel in Ft Payne Al. and see what you find." She...
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    New bx

    63 years old and never had a new car or truck, always used. Decided to change that this week. A new, never used, no scratches, no torn seats and nothing to fix, (doesn't mean it won't get modified, right Paul??). Should arrive this weekend. Yes, there will be pictures. Ps, the present bx 2230...
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    bx 2230 for sale

    '04 bx 2230. Bushhog 4 ft FEL Kubota orange, 54 inch mower deck, with high lift blades. All synthetic oils, just changed eng and trans oils and fuel filter., turf tires w, new wheels, LED fwd looking lights on rops w/ on off switch. Has red LED light on dash to prevent moveing with brake on. Has...
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    Threads on 250 gallon tank

    These white 250 gallon tanks with the metal bars around them that people use for water and oil storage, of which I have one. Does anyone know what kind of thread is on the outlet fitting?? It measures 1 1/2 inch but it's not pipe thread. I want to put an L fitting on the end of it.
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    Rear ballast for bx

    Most of the ballast systems I've seen are too large for the bx. It is very low to the ground. This is a gas water heater. I cut one end off, then removed the correct amount to give me the right spaceing for the quick hitch. Welded the end back on, welded a bar thru the center, added the correct...